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ANNOYANCE: Rebuilding...
MUSIC: "All Night" - Icona Pop

Well ********, lost some of my s**t to a hacker. Including several stuff that I've bought from the Cash Shop, a few gifts given to me by old friends and the gold I've been saving up. All gone. Taken by some ******** who probably is a low-life who won't do the hard work but instead take someone else's hard work.

To you, dear, ******** you. I hope karma bites you in the nutsack.

And yes, I have filed a hack report and waiting on Gaia's end to reply back. This is gonna take a while...

So! What now? I have honestly thought of just up and leaving, but I made a lot of new friends through the years here and very recently and I also feel that if I leave, the hacker would've won. And I refuse to let some shitstain win one over me, especially like this.

Soooo I guess I'll be rebuilding, by getting my pugs back first. You don't steal someone's babies, even if they're virtual doggies. They sure as hell meant a lot to me.