Michiko Kitty
Community Member
WTF Gaia Online?!

I know I'm not on often... but when I do come on, I find nothing but Sale advertisements from Gaia's shop featuring item's I wish I had that cost me $10 or more just to take a chance at getting the items I want. WTF Gaia... that's all I ever see you guys post! Oh and just for your info... I'm not putting anymore money into this account because it is nothing but pixels that do absolutely nothing. I'd rather buy from Blizzards Gift Shop then buy some item that looks cool, but does nothing to improve the fun and entertainment I expect out of real money.

So this is not necessarily a hate letter, but a plea for "Stop pure pressuring me into buying stupid items you guys made with your photoshop or what ever for money that could be donated to a cause like the *Make a Wish* foundation."
Yes, your items look cool, but they do nothing other then some have animations. It's still a poor excuse for demanding my money for your cheap pixels.

Also, what ever happen to the free gifts you use to give us? I miss those. I only see them during some events during the year.