Michiko Kitty
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R.I.P. Sadie

Sadie passed away February 9th 2014 from Lymphoma Cancer, an uncommon disease that has killed many American Golden Retrievers. This cancer was diagnosed in late December of 2013. Her Veterinarian predicted she had less then 30 days left of life as this cancer was the most aggressive form of cancer she had ever come accost. Dad, despite all odds of Sadie's ever getting recovered again, fores fed her dogy treats when she could no longer hold the apatite to eat, gave her daily walks morning and night, and comforted her when she suffered. It brakes my heart seeing dad pet her as she'd lay there lifelessly during her last 24 hours. Mom woke me up the next morning with grim news. I layed there in bed thinking "This has to be a dream or some kind of twisted nightmare that will never end." I am thankful though that she is finally free from all the pain she endured in the past few days. I'm sorry that we couldn't be present at her final moments of life, but she will always be in our hearts forever.

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