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Mem Gens & Self Haunts
Mem Gens or Memory Generators are a part of the Matrix that makes up the false reality that we all have been stuck living in for so long. First of all the false reality, well being in it or out of it, everything looks the same, it is just a matter of ones grasp on reality or awareness. This world is not what many people think it is and I know I do not need to get into that because most people that I am affiliated with or even know anything about me are already aware.

The Mem Gens help fuel the Matrix by keeping people blind to what is really going on and it effects those who can do things like astral project. For instance, when someone starts to astral project, it will be hard to distinguish reality from their own imagination and so on. It can even effect those with years of experience of astral projection. How can it do so? Well for me personally, it can cause me to see many past memories of all sorts and I can also get caught in many things that are just random thoughts of other people.

I believe that in other worlds and such, people would not have these problems at all even when first starting to astral project because there is no Matrix to begin with and everything is always the same. One of the reasons these false realities were put up was to keep people from being able to live up to their full potential and to prevent them from changing things for the better so of course there will be a number of obstacles to over come, even while astral projecting.

Back to the Mem Gens, well while astral projecting, you can easily lose yourself in a memory or something you will begin to imagine, I would refer to that as 'chasing the rabbit' as I heard someone refer to something similar as such. So basically what these Mem Gens do is cause you to lose focus so you can't accomplish what it is you were set out to do. Sometimes you can even get hurt in these situations.

When I went around one of the Mem Gens, it effected me more then usual and I could hardly 'see' anything at all. I don't have the normal 5 senses to begin with when I astral project and I merely 'see' with my psychic vision, someone might refer to that as 'seeing with the 3rd eye.' Well even with that, it was hard to see what was really going on.

First of all, when I was attempting to take down the Mem Gen, I had to keep myself away from it, via being in a dimension around it so it couldn't effect me even more then it was. I used my Advanced Telepathy to try and destroy the entire thing. It was difficult because I saw many memories of mine, mostly random things and I saw weird images that were so many random things, likely it was thoughts or memories of other people. How I avoided 'chasing the rabbit' was by keeping my focus on what I had to do. It's hard to explain in much detail but I ignored all the thoughts and memories that flew by me and I just kept a grip on what I was doing.

It helps if you find one particular thing to focus on, not just what you need to do, but if you find a good enough motivation it can really help. I believe I may have been thinking about my son Kaos. I know there were other people like me, with the same abilities and such, they were at other Mem Gen locations around the world and were doing the same as me. One thing that had to be done was, we all had to mentally connect so we could connect all the generators and destroy them all at the same time. This could also mess us all up if one of us would slip up some how.

I remember, I lost my focus a bit but it didn't get too bad to where we would all have to start all over. I just did another Apath and was able to complete what I had started, it just took us a bit longer. Well I can't go on talking about this anymore because it is very hard to explain. Yes though, I and the others took down all the Mem Gens so now, there shouldn't be much else holding together the Matrix. Together we will destroy the rest of the Matrix and we can restore balance to the world.


It is possible for someone, usually some type of psychic to become haunted by something that is merely just a manifestation of their own emotions and other psychological stuff and such. Sometimes when this happens the entity may seem like someone or something else entirely, it depends on your subconscious. If you have a particular fear that has scared you enough emotionally, it can appear as that to you. You are what fuels this entity and only you can disperse it.

It may seem that it can resolve itself after a while or perhaps with the help of someone else, but that will not last and only even seems to happen because you must have put enough faith into who or whatever seemingly got rid of it. When that happens, the entity will always come back until you resolve whatever issue you are having within yourself. You must figure out what it is that is bothering you most via meditation or some other thing like that. Look inside yourself to find answers. That is usually the best method and to over come it, you must face your fears or whatever else is troubling you. Usually the thing to do is accept whatever has happened and move on.

If you think you are being haunted by someone from your past in 'this life' it is very unlikely to be true and you are only projecting your own fears upon yourself and that could get very dangerous. If you fear a particular someone, the manifestation can become much like that person. It will of course not be the person, because the person is dead and is no longer in your life and once someone dies, they likely move on to a new life.

The manifestation can seemingly effect you in the same ways as the person or thing that you feared did but in actuality, you are only hurting your self and possibly those around you because you are not facing or resolving the issues you have within yourself.

If this actually is someone from your past, then you just have to defeat them all over again but it is very unlikely that this can happen in 'this life' due to the suppression of the planet. Though it is not impossible, for anything is possible. First of all, you need to learn to distinguish reality from imagination and this itself can be very difficult. When someone in this life first learns to astral project and see things at all through telepathy, or whatever psychic abilities, you need to learn what is real, what is just a memory and what is just mere imagination.

I can not tell you how to do this exactly because for the most part, you need to learn it for yourself. There are a few things you can do that can help though such as, get another person's perspective, preferably someone with years of experience. You can also do something like a test to yourself.

For instance, astral project some where, do something like, put something some where or change something some how to only you will know what it was, then later go back and see if it was how you left it. Much like dreaming, make sure things stay the same and if things constantly change, you are likely just imagining then. Perhaps pick a place were no one else goes and arrange things in a particular way and become familiar with the surroundings. Learn how things really are and once you do that with one place, you should be able to do it with others and gradually you should learn to tell the difference between reality and your own imagination.

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