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The Goddess of Misery and Woe's Journal
Betyana; is the Goddessof Misery and Woe, but im anything but. Betyana sounded like a good name for my DK; so i latched onto it. :)
Scrap 1
Sword clashed against sword. the two fought as each ones world vanished. it was just te two of them on the battlefield. they didnt hear the sound of pained cries as their men fell beneath the rivals weapon of steel and forged by blood souls and fire. each move was forseen; neither made a difference. The darker colored warriors helm was knocked off by a lucky hit. the warrior with the bright armorĀ stopped and looked into hazel eyes that were all too famliar. filled with pain, yet filled with light even though she felt jaded...she clung to her childish dreams and the innocent light...hoping that it could stall her nightmares...her past from catching up to her. Gripping her sword tighter, she growled, 'go back to ******** hell!' She charged, placing another hand to her sword that shouldve been used so-yet she held it aloft with one hand. Her blade glowed deeply, red writing flew down the flat of the blade 'In death we are one' shined against her armor. the rival who was identical right down to the scar from right temple through the eye to the jaw grinned and tossed her own sword down. 'You can't run and keep your demons locked away forever...' the black warrior fell under the lights swing. the light warrior blinked hazel eyes and looked at the dark warriors body fade slowly. 'No...but I'm facing them now.' She pulled her sword close, blood coating the blade. 'And i will fight again if i must! I will fight till you but a memory. no...i will NOT keep you as a memory.' Swiping her blade across a scrap of cloth to clean it, she sheathed it one handed. the writing on the blade faded and gone. 'True warriors are born not made. i will NEVER be held captive again.' Turning around she left the empty battlefield. the bodies of both hers and the dark warriors were but visions of past battles, and for now...she pushed back the darkness and would rise again.

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