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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
good morning > u <
i finally got enough sleep for once (slept about 13 hours today) =w=; ive only been sleeping about 7 hours or so everyday for the past five days x.x school is sleep depriving. then again its my procrastination problems but meh. =u=

and then i woke up, did some stuff, took a shower, and went shopping XD grocery shopping :3 and yes, i find that enjoyable =w= it lets me buy ingredients to make food XD and making food is epic <3

so i just went and bought peanut butter, strawberry preserves (jelly), and bread. > u < ive been craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a long time now x.x its been more than a couple months since i had one. oh, and i bought gum while i was at it =w= its been a while for gum too ;O and there was a new flavor (red berry sour patch kids) and it was on sale too > w < wheee~ i havent tried it yet though XD

and when i got home, i just laid out all the stuff and made a sandwich for my bro and myself X3 i asked if he wanted one, so i just made two XD and i also gave him half of a tangerine and ate the other half =w= and then i washed the dishes and stuff ;O idk whats wrong with me today XD im in one of those "its a good morning, lets act like a housewife" or something mood =w=; its weird XD lol. i havent swept or cleaned the house yet though. xD should i? idk =w=; i dont really like cleaning. plus, it looks fine already so meh X3

anyways, im off to continue the rest of the day XD cya later~

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