Les Mecs
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New Dream Avatar

This avatar went through so many different looks, but I found some cool
new combinations of items I may be using in the future.

It's grand total is 28 mil... A little steep since I am saving IRL money right
now and won't be buying any items off the site to make this achievable
any faster. Looks like it's back to fishing, slots and bug collecting for me!

Right now my mule account has just under 6 mill in it, which in all honesty
has taken a few years to get to. Then again, I was out spending money
instead of holing up and getting on Gaia like I used.

Also, I will selling off all the items on this avatar to make up for the
difference. In the mean time, I am dressing down my mule and
dressing this account (this is my more-public zOMG account anyway.)

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Serpentine Raiments (Hair) <--OWN
Trilune\'s Promise (Mark) &--OWN
Masterpieces (David w/out Hair) &--OWN
Ivory Rose (Crown)<--OWN
Starkeeper\'s Midnight Astrolabe (Rete Halo)<--OWN
Dame de l\'Opera<--OWN
Compass of Seidh (Mani\'s Eyes)&-OWN
Anesidora\'s Woe (Prayer)<--OWN

Dream Avatar achieved in less than 24 hours! It appears that some of the items I had equipped on my previous avatar went up in value and were a quick sell. Once Ruined Souls sells, I will have made almost 10mill off my old avatar. Whoa!