Stricken Chaos
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There's nothing interesting about the internet anymore.

Not to me, at least.

See, I've been trolling around Gaia and deviant art sine 2006. In the last eight years I've already had my exciting times. Now, I'm all settled down and don't really do anything over the top on the internet.

Other than, once in a while, hopping into the Life Issues forum and Chaosin' it up, I've gotten pretty boring.

The only RPs I like anymore are one on one.

The only people I talk to are people I'm RPing with or friends I made between 2006 and 2008.

And that counts for real life too. I don't know why, but all the people I meet more recently are annoying to me.

On another note, my boss has been really slow to reply to my emails.

So I'm sitting around for like a full week before I get a reply and it's making Chloe all nervous.

It just sucks because she can never trust my ******** judgement it's like she thinks she's God or some other magical ******** deity with great powers of annoyance and doubt.

But, I love her.

I just wish she weren't such a pain in my a**.