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Matar's Diary
Revenge is Better Warmed and Angry
Feeling cold wasn't uncommon for her--she was used to it, having lived in the icy reaches of space for so long. However, this kind of cold made her feel apprehensive--it was the cold feeling she got when she heard news she didn't want; the icy grip of hurt and maybe even a little betrayal. She could feel it piercing her down to her very core, where the warmth of her anger was unable to melt away at the icy feelings. She was cold, through and through.

"Matar?" Markab spoke gently--even she knew that now was no time to treat Matar as she normally did. There was an understanding that Matar appreciated, even if it was temporary. "We can send someone after the black hole, and we'll try to recover Mirphak's body--"

"I'll do it," Matar interrupted. Her voice was hollow, and she didn't even look at Markab as she spoke. Standing there for a moment, she waited, as though expecting protest. Her siblings knew better--though they all shared a look of uncertainty. Finally, Markab nodded.

"Thank you." Then, "There's only one way for me to come back." But before any of them could say anything, Matar was already gone, leaving only traces of stardust in her place.

It didn't take long to find the rogue black hole--it was still where the others had left it, sucking the last of the light and life from Mirphak's body. He was little more than a shell, now, his warmth and color drained; a once-brilliant Alpha star, reduced to nothing but an empty body floating in the void of space. Not even a hint of stardust was left--the black hole had taken everything.

Matar felt a spark of rage flare up within her, though it was contained by the icy pain that encased her core like a shell. A numbness spread through her body as she watched the black hole carelessly discard Mirphak's broken and lifeless body--not even a hint of light within it anymore.

The hands she'd held; the lips that kissed her warmly and smiled every time she came to visit: even from here, she could tell they were cold as ice. And she was sure that even his eyes, once a warm and loving orange, were now empty and dark.

Again, the spark of anger--but this time it caught, and she felt her core flare up and melt the numbness away. In her mind, there was only anger and sadness and a growing desire for revenge. She let the burning feelings course through her, and in her core she could feel the beginnings of iron fusion taking place. It was hot and painful, but she smiled. At least she could still go out in a brilliant flash--leaving nothing behind but a small, newly-made nebula and only traces of herself in stardust as she turned everything around to cloud and dust.

After all, there was only ever one way for me to do this.

Eta Star Matar
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