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Hello Goal!
So, I've lost 2.8 lbs today in my Weight Watcher's meeting and I am so excited because I have lost a total of 4.2 lbs. It took me a while since I did originally start in January and only now I am typing this all out on the internet. Though I wasn't really good this week so I am very surprised about it. I did track my food day. Just one and then it was just half a** and then it was just no more. So I think this week I am going to really work hard on it and get that five pounds. I really want it and I know that if I track everything and actually do some activity here and there then I'll be able to pass my goal for this month. This is going to be exciting for me. I know in the past that I've gone through this but this time I actually have a goal that I really want to obtain because I really don't want to look at my first time at Disneyland photos as some fat chick. I want to enjoy it without feeling totally exhausted by walking around and looking at all the attractions. I don't want to be huffing and puffing around when I want to go on the rides or see the landmarks that they have there. So I am going to do this, I am finally going to get into shape and get healthy to the point where walking around for hours isn't going to be a big deal. The only big deal that I would have to worry about is that my feet are going to hurt not my diaphragm.

So I am going to try really, really hard this week and I am going to succeed! I am so ready for this since I am pumped up and motivated. I also would like to take note that I have noticed the changes of what I put in my mouth. The delicious Hershey's Cookies and Cream.....doesn't taste delicious anymore. It's texture feels so waxy and the aftertaste is a little weird.