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the usual
the usual pre-midterm post

tl;dr version:

wish me luck

i seem to have five classes and three jobs. ARE YOU IMPRESSED NOW, MEDICAL SCHOOL?

I was gonna procrastinate, but I happily realized I can't go into LD without puking.

Boron nitride resonance structure?

My coworker and I are having a passive-aggressive douchebag off. But seriously, it's because he's a d**k. I can palpably feel the sub-textual power struggle every time we text each other. Pretty hot.

Class went well. The kids wanted me to tell a story. I have no stories that aren't vastly inappropriate or gruesome. I accidentally left my iPod at work.

Even though I am a thorough atheist, I sometimes wish I could believe that things happen for a reason.

Like I left my iPod at work not because I am a space cadet but because some benevolent creator wanted me to study without distraction this weekend. Or that hot professor who teaches at a faraway college doesn't appear at the library I work at out of necessity, but destiny.

That's why I still feel love: fate--not pointless masochism.

As I get older, I become more humorless. I'm turning into Ebeneezer Scrooge lol