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Just A Rant On Life
God, I hate ******** bad days at school.

But I am inevitable to get them.

It could be anything from a simple friend drama to a teacher wanting to start s**t.

Of course, the latter happened to me today.

I ditched some classes today. Well, I've actually been ditching a lot more than usual.

Whether it be just a class or begging my brother to let me stay home.

Anyway, whenever I get bad days, you know what makes me better?

Yeah, video games and online s**t, duh.

But would you believe me if I said that there's something else that is more beneficial than those two things?

Can you guess?

... It's food.

Yupp, I'm one of those people. I eat when I'm depressed, stressed, or even bored. I honestly don't know why I'm fat yet.

And whenever I get bad days, the least I could expect from my mother is actually SOMETHING THAT I CAN ******** EAT.



Guess who doesn't ******** care about ditching classes anymore. Yeah, I've actually felt bad.

Well ******** you guys too, family. I hope you all get into a fatal car crash and burn in Hell!

"Summer, you're making such a big deal out of this..."

Oh, well, [********] your ******** highness, it doesn't matter how much of a ******** bad day I get; people could cuss me out or even beat the ******** outta me all they want.

All of that s**t doesn't matter once dinner time comes, I ******** smile for once in my pathetic life.

But no, ******** me, right? Doesn't matter if I starve while the whole ******** family garbles that s**t down while I'm crying in my room. Doesn't matter when I'm suffering while everybody else is happy.

By the way, this has happened three times in a ******** row!

Guess I can't be happy anymore, huh?!

And people wonder why I'd like to stay in my room with the door closed. Why I'm single. Why I just don't give a ******** about life anymore.

Seriously, if a robber with a gun randomly enters my room, I would ******** beg her to kill me.

... What? I'd like for it to be a girl, alright? Don't judge me. Like you haven't already.

That brings me to another subject...

My mom wants to "spend family time" by going bowling.

And of course I had no say in the matter.

I ******** hate bowling-- Well, I just ******** hate going out in general, honestly.

I ******** hate my mom.

I ******** hate this family.

I rather go back to school than to go bowl with this ******** hicks.

I swear, if she does try to bring me and s**t, I'm going to start cutting myself again.

Yeah, too extreme, but it's the only way to distract myself from all the pain. All of the suffering. The daily rejection. The-- Well, you get the idea.

Maybe I'm just being over-emotional about this. Maybe I'll just forget about all of this tomorrow and whatnot.

I just don't know, anymore.

I'm 15.

I've always had this gut feeling that I'm going to die at 16.

My birthday is April 12th.

Please come sooner.

And please...

Something kill me at that date.

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