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I really hate to admit it, but I was nearly a victim-- Twice as a matter of fact-- of depression and have been put in a mental hospital (both times) for more than a week. They kept asking me questions like: "Is it really worth it to take your own life and miss out on the things/people that you love the most?" They also had me repeat a praise: "Suicide is the most SELFISH thing you could possibly EVER do." I asked why, and they said,"It's the most selfish thing because you are causing many people to suffer because of your absence. That's why." It stuck w/ me after that. Never forgot it since. I have even seen some one commit suicide right in front of me and I couldn't do anything to stop it.Scared me for life! So don't you EVER, EVER let depression drag you down to H*** w/ it. Because I know YOU(yes, I'm looking at you through the screen) have strength, lots of it ,too. You just have to search deep within your heart to find and use that one weapon to save your life.Do it.(I command you!!!) So help me, help me make a difference.
You know--every once in a while--those little moments where you happen to embarrass yourself by tripping, falling, running into something, making sudden accidental weird noises, etc. out of the blue for no apparent reason? well, I get those quite frequently due to my clumsiness. I call those moments "oops" moments cuz when it happens all I think of is "Oops..."smilies/icon_redface.gif My bedroom has double doors (the width of a regular door cut in half put together). I'm a slightly curvy lady (NOT fat!!) with wide hips and broad shoulders. so you can guess what happens when I'm not being smart. I'll open one door and attempt to squeeze through the narrow space (not sideways like I'm supposed to) and my hips get stuck in the freak'n doorway!! so when my BF is over and I have the case of the dumb, he has to force the other door open to free me. smilies/icon_redface.gif I also have a big butt that sticks out. it draws an uncomfortable amount of attention to me from both men and women. it also gets me in trouble, like, for instance, my mom who's a slightly large (and attractive) woman can't get by me anywhere in the kitchen without being bumped by my rear end. and my BF is a freak'n stick man and HE gets bumped as well!! I have far too many Oops moments to even list or count. so if you want to share your "oops" moments with me then go right ahead!! I'm listening intently! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

Just be yourself!:wink:

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