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My body suddenly awoke with a jolt, feeling the cold sweat drip down my cheeks, and the door on the bathroom slam open. Kanda stood there silhouetted for a short moment while my eye focused from just waking.
Kanda was standing there in a panic, towel sloppily wrapped around his waist, as he let out a sigh of relief as I sat there on the bed, sitting up partially with a sleepy yet now relaxed look on my face.
"I heard you scream, are you alright?" His face turned back to its normal composed position.
"I think I just had a bad dream...." I mumbled quietly, barely loud enough for Kanda to pick up on it. I watched as he ran his hands through his still wet hair, which dripped down onto his face in little droplets. "Well don't scare me like that...okay?"
I nodded.
"The bath water is still warm, if you want to join".
Before I could even scuttle a reply, Kanda had left the room, returning to his bath. Within a few short moments, I was sitting across in the bath from him. It was a large tub, big enough to fit the both of us, with mingled legs, but that was never an issue. I wasn't exactly shy around Kanda anymore since I had known him for so long. He was the only one I really trusted. I got lost in my own thoughts, just staring down into the water with a complacent expression, twirling my own finger on the top of the water. The smell of smoke filled my nostrils, and I gazed up to see Kanda smoking his usual cigarette, which smelt fruity, being that Kanda was quite picky on what he smoked.
I liked it though, it was comforting to me now. I closed my eyes, sinking lower in the tub just to the point where my mouth was submerged under the water. I heard the water rustle, figuring Kanda must have gotten bored of sitting in the bath without saying anything...I was tired after all.
But to my surprise when I opened my eyes he was looming over me, staring at me with annoyance. I looked up at him with giant puppy dog eyes, and lifted my head slightly to speak, "Is something wrong?"
He nodded....

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