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I Dub Thee: "Special Edition"
Day 2103
This was a strange but fun dream. First I've had in a while and it happened in the afternoon when I fell asleep .

In some kind of commercial building. Might have been a laundry-matt from the looks of the decor, or lack thereof. The people I was immediately associated with were my Mum and my Uncle (her brother). Me and my Uncle had some kind of dispute (philosophical maybe in nature?) and I left for the restroom to clear my head and avoid a physical fight probably (The rest-room was massive by the way - like, room for 20 men across the sinks at any one time massive). I looked up from the sink through the mirror (which appeared to be one-way glass?) to see my Mum upset, my Uncle run out the door (with vigilance, a pursue's run) and a police investigator talking the the staff at the counter and also some parked in one or maybe two cars out the front with lights still on. I run out of the restroom and join my Mum and she just pauses (with that look in her eye that she had when she told me to pack enough clothes for two weeks, on the day she broke up with my dad) and I knew something was going to go terribly wrong. I was stopped for enough time to realise this and spit out the dig "oh no Mum... Why'd you have to go do it this time" before charging out the door myself, turning left and following the path (in pursuit of my Uncle).

The pace and overall mood changes dramatically. Before anything to do with the previous scenario resolves I find myself not running after anyone. Maybe even walking slowly back in the same direction I just came from. Shooting anyone I came across (maybe even the police, unsure) with a shotgun (I think, it definitely had a slow fire-rate, or I was just choosing to fire it intermittently after having a look at each person first) (Don't recall carrying a gun earlier). I find myself with a female ally before too long, and we're doing quite well together. No one is getting past us. When things looked clear we stop and crouch for a moment and empty out pockets of all resources to offer to share. Minimal food of some kind, ammunition (very minimal), and lots of coins (noticeably Australian currency). After emptying my pockets I even have a few small coins that I fogged out of my mouth (weird? Ones I was REALLY holding onto maybe?). I think the dream ends there. Not sure if I recall us standing back up and continuing or not.


If I had to draw my own conclusions about the dream's purpose, it drew a lot of parallels with the pace of my life. Even down to being slightly aware of the fact while playing an unrealistic characterised version of myself (in terms of personality and decisions - appearances were the same) in a fictional narrative that has never taken place. It could all very well be representative of my family splitting up, then the poor ness and alone feeling of the following years of personal independence. With that friend that let's me know it's okay to keep fighting, you are doing it for something. Maybe my Uncle ended up being the figure used in place of my actual father because we've always been close, and he's someone I fear loosing.

Ah... While typing this I can hear a mother scolding her children (a girl and a boy, probably siblings) for breaking some kind of house room. She's asking the children to apologise and then recite the rule that they have broken, and them she goes on to explain why the rule is on place, then they apologise again. The children sounded slightly scared and the mother sounded slightly like she was enjoying having them recite the rule. I wonder how much longer that family will remain whole.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 05, 2014 @ 04:13pm
Our dreams are sometimes a conduit for our subconscious, so maybe you're picking out signs of something similar that's about to happen. Hopefully, it won't be true and it's just some random dream.

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