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Heavenly Host
Sachi is my pride and joy...
She'd do anything for me...
I don't think she even recognizes me any more...
But I still love her with all my heart...

"It was a rainy evening after school, just like this one. Running down the stairs the kindly teacher lost her footing, she tumbled, she fell and she died. We've all heard the stories, no? Before this academy was built here, there was another school on this property. Heavenly Host Elementary School, it was called. Such a horrible thing to happen... The principal was completely devastated. He cared for the school as if it were his own child, you see. But one thing led to another after the incident... And ultimately a decision was reached. The school was to be shut down. The principal was so stricken with grief for his precious child, that on the day on the day of it's closure, he climbed to the roof and jumped to his death. Or so the story goes.."

Thunder rumbled outside of the class room that they all stood in, causing one of the girls to gasp and cling to her friend. The class room president, Miko, grinned as she continued her story, her face lit from below, thanks to a candle placed on the floor in front of her. "People though Heavenly Host was cursed, you see. This was just the latest of many deaths to occur there. That's why it was torn down. However, they say the teacher that fell down the stairs, doesn't know she's dead. Even to this day. And on rainy days like this, when school comes to an end. She roams the hallways, making sure there is no one left in the building." Miko giggled softly. "In fact, it's almost time for her rounds... Just after seven o'clock. That's when she appears, always accompanied by a sudden black out that leaves the building as dark as night. 'knock, knock.' You'll hear from the blackness, followed by the classroom door slowly sliding open. As her pale white face cuts through the darkness, her voice cuts through the darkness, 'Is anyone still here?'"

Thunder and lighting cracked at once, rumbling the building and causing the neighborhood around them to go into blackness. Even two of the boys squeaked with fear, holding onto the girls next to them. Miko couldn't believe her luck, that couldn't have come at a better moment!!!! She gasped as well, wrapping her arms around herself. as one of the boys turned to her, "Knock it off Miko." Miko looked at the tall guy with light brown hair and green eyes, her own brown eyes wide behind her black hair, "But Setsuna, I'm not doing anything! This is a real black out!"
Silence fell between all of them. Followed by soft footsteps, slowly coming down the hall. "D-does anyone else hear that?" Whimpered one of the girls. 'click, click, click-' No one moved, all were dead silent as they stared at the door to the class room. 'knock.....knock....' "Is anyone still here?"

The door slammed open, causing all of them to jump and scream. A flashlight was held up as a teacher entered the room, a wide grin on her face. "Scared you." She said brightly. Miko jumped to her feet and ran over to her, "That was fantastic Miss Yui!" A high five was shared between teacher and student. "It was an act?" Setsuna still felt himself shaking. Yui gave him the peace sign. "Had to help Miko one last time in getting you all." She winked. It was Miko's last day, she was moving away and had asked her friends to stay, one last time, after school with her.

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