Hey all! Well here it is! The 12th book in The Protectors Series. Hope you enjoy it!

Warning: This story is rated M for Mature.

The Protectors Book 12: Wicked: When Mike causes trouble in order to try and see Rex, everyone is left in utter shock, and when the issue with Rex's father comes to a close in the most unexpected way... What will happen then? Also Hunnie begins to get bigger, and worries about how it will effect her in the coming months. Also when Snow goes back to the doctor, for a check up on her diet... What will the doctor say?

Genre: Drama/Suspense.

"Well then I'll just have to make sure I see Rexie," Mike grumbled, before hanging up the phone.

"Oh god..." Lois gulped, as she tried to think about how she was going to tell everyone, that Mike was indeed going to be causing trouble again.


"HE'S OUT OF JAIL!?" Rexie yelped.

"Yes..." Lois replied slowly. "You know how this works, Dear. When someone commits a crime, the police can decided the punishment like judges do. And since every crime is either given to a judge or a cop... Well you never know what will happen," Lois responded.

"But why can they change their decisions!?" Rexie hissed.

"Cause, Rex they're allowed to... I know it's not fair. But that's the law," Lois said.

"Well I hate the law," Rex sighed.

"I know. I do too," Lois replied. "At least your dad's on probation though,"

"Eh... Probation or no probation he's still gonna do something," Rexie mumbled under her breath.

"Wait... He's out on probation!?" Hunnie, Leo, and Weezy howled in shock.

"Yes," Lois and Rexie muttered in unison.

"And he wants to see Rex?" Leo added. "What about Katie? Does he somehow know that she's... Dead?"

"No idea," Lois barked. "He might know... But I don't know how that would be possible,"

"Well one thing's for sure! We must be even more protective of Rexie!" Weezy chirped up.

"Oh please, Weezy I'll be fine. No need for extra protection," Rex squeaked.

"Rex is right, Son. She'll be fine. Besides she's almost always with Hunnie, Snow, and Wind," Lois pointed out.

"That's true. Sorry I just worry..." Weezy responded.

"No problem, Bro! It's fine," Rexie smirked.

"My goodness, Snow. You're looking a lot better!" Wind cheered.

"I guess. I've only lost ten pounds though," Snow replied.

"I must agree with your sister, Snow," Jule said, walking into the living room with Sammy.

"Thanks, Mom," Snow squeaked, as she blushed.

"No problem, My Dear," Jule responded, pulling her daughter in for a hug.

Snow smiled and then hugged her mother back.

Despite being mad at first for being forced to go to the doctor, and be put on a diet The Element Of Water was

happy now. She felt better and was very thankful that her family had gotten her help.

A few hours later, Hunnie, Rexie, Wind, and Snow were all hanging out at the local park.

"Oh, Rex I'm so sorry they changed your Dad's punishment," Wind said.

"Eh... Well there's nothing we can do about it. I just hope he won't do anything," Rexie barked.

"If he does do anything... I'll kick his a**," Wind mumbled.

"Me too!" Hunnie and Snow agreed in unison.

"Aww...Thanks, Girls," Rex replied, as she smiled a little.

Mike walked along the road to Lake Ville. He wasn't allowed to leave Cinder Valley, but he didn't care. He wanted

to see Rexie...

"I'll have to do something sneaky if I wanna see her," Mike thought. "I just have to come up with a plan..."

A few more hours passed and Mike had reached Lake Ville. It was early evening; Around 5:00 PM.

The Male Fox started down the road, when all of the sudden... He saw Rexie.

She was with three other Foxes her age.

Even though he hadn't made a plan yet, Mike padded down the road closer to the group of young Foxes, but stayed far away enough so that they wouldn't notice him.

"Ah yes! I'll follow them and see if I can't take Rex," Mike said to himself.

After following Snow, Hunnie, Wind, and Rexie for a while, Mike was led to a house that the group seemed to be going into.

"I wonder... If this is where Lois, Rex, and Kate live?" Mike muttered, walking into the driveway.

Now that no one was around to see him, the evil Fox walked around the home, trying to figure out who lived there.

Mike spotted a few windows on the sides of the house, and went up to them and looked inside. He saw a kitchen, a few bathrooms, but that was it. However there was one more window he hadn't looked in yet... But when he did he realized that this wasn't just Rexie's, Lois's, and 'Katie's' house... It was also Leo and Weezy's.

Seeing the family in the living room together, along with Rexie's friends watching TV, was fact enough.

Plus there were three cars in the driveway. Mike had wondered why there was so many.

"Okay... I've got it! Once Rex's friends leave, and everyone is alseep... I will strike," Mike thought to himself, as he then walked around the home some more.

As more time went on, Wind, and Snow went home. Then Leo, Weezy, Lois, Rexie, and Hunnie all went to bed.

So... Now it was time for Mike to do his work. The dangerous Fox had found a latter in the backyard, so he decided to use it to figure out where Rexie's room was.

Using the latter to climb up to the first window that was high up, Mike looked through the glass and sure enough it was Rex's bedroom, however Mike then noticed Hunnie, who was sleeping her own little bed, that was beside Rexie's one.

"Oh what the hell..." Mike muttered bitterly. "I guess I'll just have to be more careful,"

After that, Mike opened the window quietly, jumped into the room, and walked over to Rexie's bed.

Knowing that just grabbing his daughter, and making a run for it out the window was the only way his new plan was going to work... Mike did just that. He took Rex who's eyes shot opened, followed by her screaming when she saw it was her dad.

Hunnie awoke due to her friend's cries and when she saw Mike dragging Rexie to the window, she went into action.

"HEY GET YOUR PAWS OFF OF HER!" Hunnie snarled, running after the adult-fox.

"NO!" Mike howled, as Hunnie jumped onto his back.

"YOU'RE NOT GONNA STOP ME!" Mike added sharply, knocking Hunnie off his back, so hard she flew across the room, and hit the wall head first.

Hunnie yelped and fell to the floor, so hurt that she was unable to move.

"Hunnie!" Rexie whimpered.

"OH SHUT UP!" Mike growled, punching Rex in the face, knocking her unconscious.

Then Mike headed for the window, and dragged Rexie with him.


"Uh... My head," Hunnie managed to choke out, as she was finally able to stand up

"Mike cannot get away with this! I gotta wake the others!" Hunnie howled, racing out of the room.

"Here we are!" Mike giggled, pulling Rex behind a bush. "The perfect spot,"

Mike had dragged Rex all the way out to the park, so he'd for sure be alone with his daughter...

"Huh? Where am I?" Rexie asked, as she began to wake up.

"You're in the park with me," Mike answered, smiling down at the younger Fox.

"Y-You took me from my own home!" Rexie roared, as she stood up.

"Yes because I want to spend some time with you," Mike replied.

"Why!? So you can try and kill me!?" Rex snarled.

"Now, now Rex. I'm very angry with your mother and sis! That's why I had to try and murder them. However I'm not mad at you. So I won't hurt you," Mike responded.

"You are the most evil, most nasty, most horrible living being in all of Starlight! You nearly took my mom away from me, and my sister... Though Kate left later one anyways," Rexie said.

"What do you mean Kate left?" Mike questioned.

"She died. She began cutting herself at one point, and soon enough... It led her to committing suicide," Rex managed to choke out.

"What!? She killed herself!? I wanted to try once again and take her out myself!" Mike hissed.

"DON'T YOU EVER SAY SUCH THINGS ABOUT MY SISTER!" Rexie snapped, as she lunged for her father.

"I WILL IF I WANT TO!" Mike howled, knocking Rex to the ground.

Rexie whimpered as she landed on the ground.

"You're such a baby," Mike spat, climbing on top of Rex, and pinning her down.

"W-What are you doing!?" Rexie gulped.

"Something I will enjoy," Mike said, as he leaned in and kissed Rexie on the lips.

Rex's eyes suddenly went wide, feeling her father kissing her more and more intensely.

Now Rexie knew she was in big trouble...

Then Mike stopped kissing Rex, and filled her over onto her back.

"Oh god no..." Rexie sniffled, as she felt Mike begin to hump her.

"Time for some nice sex!" Mike giggled.

"NOOO! STOP!" Rexie pleaded.

"Nah! We're gonna party, daughter," Mike said, continuing to ******** Rex.

Rexie bit down on her lower lip, trying her hardest not to moan.

Then Mike stopped humping Rexie, got off of her, and pulled her up on her paws.

"Okay, Darling. Now you're gonna do me!" Mike cheered, laying on his back.

Rex slowly made her way on top of her father, and began to hump him repeadly.

"Ahhh yes! That's it! Keep it up!" Mike howled.

"I hate this so much..." Rex said to herself, as she kept humping her dad.

"Alright, Hun. Stop! Now I want you to suck my p***s," Mike said.

Rexie got off of Mike and then froze in place at her father's comment.

"I-I can't..." Rex whimpered.

"You will! I will force you!" Mike snapped, as he stood up.

"N-NO!" I WON'T DO IT!" Rexie growled, with tears filling her eyes.

"YES YOU WI-" However Mike wasn't able to finish his sentence, when he was knocked to the ground, and pinned down.

"WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" Kairi yelped, punching Mike in the face.

"OWW! WHY YOU LITT-" But Mike was once again cut off, when Kairi punched him again, which resulted in him passing out.

"K-Kairi...?" Rex asked weakly, as tears rolled down her face.

"Yes I'm here. It's okay, Sweetie," Kairi said gently, picking up the Fox.

"Please take me home..." Rex sniffled.

"Of course, Rex. Where do you live?" Kairi responded.

"Yes, Officers, he's on parole an-" However Lois did not get to finish her sentence, when all of the sudden Kairi came running into the driveway with Rex in her arms.

"Oh my goodness, Rexie!" Lois howled, as Kairi ran up to her.

"I-I was out on a walk through the park, to clear my head because I could't sleep, and I saw Mike forcing Rex to have sex with him, so I kinda punched him and took Rexie and brought her back here," Kairi explained.

"Thank you," Lois replied, as Kairi put Rexie down.

"Yeah, thanks," Rex added, looking up at her old master.

"No problem," Kairi said.

"Miss, can you show us where Mike Pie is? He needs to be given a far harsher punishment," One of the police men chirped.

"Of course I can," Kairi squeaked.

"Good! Alright then, Lois we'll be back soon to discuss this issue some more, but I think right now you should bring your daughter inside, and have her rest while we take care of Mike," One of the police men replied.

"Sounds good. See ya soon then," Lois sighed.

And with that the two cops left, following Kairi in their police car.

When Lois brought Rexie inside, Hunnie, Leo, and Weezy all gave her hugs and listened to one of the most horrifying stories, as Rex told them about what had happened.

No one had slept a wink even after Rexie was home. But you really couldn't blame them...

Anyways as the next day began Mike was sentenced to life in prison, with no possibility of parole anymore.

Now Rex was free of her father's dangerous acts.

But there was one thing that Rex couldn't stop thinking about: Kairi.

If it hadn't been for Kairi Rexie truly thought she may of been killed. Cause her dad did start hurting her even after he said he wouldn't...

Truth to be told Rexie had missed Kairi a lot... She wondered from time to time if they'd ever be pet and master again.


Soon Wind and Snow were given the news about what Mike had done. The two sisters were very angry, but they also were thankful that Rexie was okay.

As a few weeks went on, Rex still couldn't stop thinking about Kairi.

So when she saw the red-headed human in town one day, the Fox wasted no time approaching her.

"Hi," Rexie said.

"Oh... Hi," Kairi responded, surprised that Rexie was talking to her.

"I-I uh just wanted to thank you again for saving me," Rex managed to choke out.

"No need to thank me, I was just doing what I needed to do," Kairi responded.

"Kay... Um also ever since that night... Well I um can't stop thinking about you. I've been missing you for a while before you saved me, but now I've missed you even more," Rexie added.

"I've missed you too. And I'm really sorry about what I did. When I got back from my college trip and heard about what he did... I realized how stupid I was," Kair replied.

"It's okay, Kairi. I forgive you," Rexie squeaked.

"Don't say that. It's not okay... So I promise I will make it up to you," Kairi chirped, pulling Rex into a hug.

Rexie smiled, as she hugged Kairi back and sighed in content.

"So will ya be my pet again?" Kairi questioned.

"Yes!" Rexie howled happily.

"Um, Mom..." Rex gulped, walking into the living room were the older Fox was.

"Yes, Hun?" Lois replied, turning to see what her daughter needed.

"Notice anything different?" Rexie wondered.

Then suddenly Lois's eyes went wide when she saw a collar around Rex's neck.

It was Red with a little bell on it...

"Kairi and I made up," Rexie said. "Is it okay with yo-" But Rex didn't get to speak anymore, when Lois cut her off.

"Rexie, Kairi saved you and if she makes you happy, then I'm happy too. I'm glad to see you two back together," Lois howled, as she smiled.

"Oh thank you!" Rexie barked.

"You're welcome. So are you moving back in with her soon?" Lois said.

"Yeah," Rexie responded.

"Alright then. Well come on let's go tell the others," Lois purred, leading Rex out of the room.

"Kay!" Rexie howled, as she followed her mother.

After two more weeks, Rex moved back in with Kairi, also her friends and family were supportive of her choice, which made her very happy.

But during the passing time, Hunnie noticed she was getting bigger. She felt scared. What if students at school started bullying her? What if she got sick and lost her baby?

Questions like these went through Hunnie's mind, but she tried her best not to think about it cause she knew it would all be okay.

And when Snow went back to the doctor, for her old candy bar addiction, and to see how the diet worked for her, the doctor was happy to report that Snow had indeed lost all the weight, that she needed to lose. So yeah everything seemed to be fine, which is just the way it should be.

----End Of Book 12----