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What is your name? B A B Y C O C K. Real name? Just call me Denz.

What is your favorite color? I have 3 favorite colors. Black, red and white. I especially like the color combinations: Black and red & black and white.

Tell me about something "geeky" you like. Anime series, video game, something like that, you know? Yes I do watch a lot of anime, play a lot of video games yes, just name it, I would most probably have watched it and played it already. Be it PC, Xbox, PS or whatever game console. Yeah I do admit I'm a gamer, friends tell me I'm a girl gamer. Sometimes see myself as a boy cause of that, haha.

Tell me about the music you like or your music experience. Favorite artist/group, typical genres you listen to, etc. As much as you want to say.. Yes music is my life -- I tend to listen to music a lot as much as I play musical instruments. Mostly listen to like any genre at all, just not too much hard metal rock haha.

What are you questing? Could be one big item, multiple smaller items, multiple big items, or nothing! whatever! I'm just curious. That damned Angelic Halo which seems so impossible but would definitely complete my avatar!

What is a hobby of yours? Could be artistic, could just be video games I guess, just tell me what you like to do in your free time. Play a couple of Internet-based games. Mostly with my IRL friends. Eat yes, need to gain weight, haha. Listen to music a lot. Read books, any type really as long as it interests me. Watch anime, read manga, watch movies, surf the internet, like anything really. Hangout with my friends yeah.

Tell me something you're embarrassed to admit about yourself. A flaw you have, maybe, something you do that you don't like. NOT AN EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCE, THOUGH. Just let it out. Something I'm embarrassed about? I don't really know. Hmm. I could say I have a lot of flaws but I'm not embarrassed about it. I'm not perfect so, yeah. I have socializing issues, you could say I'm quite friendly and open on the internet, not in the real world. I have trouble talking to people, I'm too awkward with people of the same sex, much more comfortable with the opposite sex yes. That's why most of my close friends are boys, only a few are girls. I've had troubles before because of that, got bullied, got called a flirt, hated by a bunch of bitches and groups of girls cause their crushes got close to me, yeah, too much of a long story -- but right now, I've pretty much improved myself and became a lot stronger. I was a crybaby before, too soft, easily burst out, jump to conclusions and end up in conflicts. Yeah I was that troublesome. I've had a lot of painful experiences, be it family, friends, relationships -- but I've learned a lot from them so, I believe having flaws is not something to be embarrassed about. It's something to be proud of - to admit you're not perfect defines a brave person. Am I right?

What is something you feel is important for people do to as human beings? Pretty open-ended question, you could go any way you want with this. Enjoy life to the fullest, you only get to live once so why not make the most out of it? Love as much as possible, that's a given. I guess that's pretty much it!

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