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**warning, this will completely ruin the Rienhart arc for you if you read**

Jerai has bien serving Leaon LeoVas Liengod since his second Balthier informed him of his fathers survival, with the true blooded hier to the vachal liengod union at his back he contacted his great grandfather Reinhart and informed him of not only his fathers planns but of the comeing of Leon, Jerai will use the formula created by Sarah to redirect the Spartans loyalty from his father to himself and use them aswell as Kuro's men to secure Reinhearts place and ambush his father, he knows his father will not accept Leon, the man he killed, as his ruler, so he needs to use force to put him under toe, although he has discussed many things with Leon, one thing is true, Jerai always has a secret agenda behond even what his closest advisors can see.