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Here's what I got so far!! :DDDD

Not to honk my own horn, but I think I did pretty good for an amateur ^_^;

I just added my friend's Claire in there at the last minute cause ******** it, I needed one more person x3

Um, if you have any suggestions I could add to this, I would like to hear them! cx

Let's see, we have by color:

Pink- Leon S. Kennedy
Crimson- Cee Wesker
Brightest Red- Claire Redfiled
Red- Alex Morgan
Darkest Red- Ellie Williams
Orange- Ranmoodo Mao
Green- Ellis Underwood
Blue- Steve Burnside
Purple- Spencer Reid
Brown- Marshal Damien

:heart: Resident Evil :heart:
:heart: Left 4 Dead :heart:
:heart: Criminal Minds :heart:
:heart: The Last Of Us :heart:
:heart: Ib :heart:
:heart: Mortal Kombat :heart:
:heart: Saints Row :heart:
:heart: Mass Effect :heart: