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Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter 15: Final Night Part 2
As the trio reached through the end of the hallway, sudden footsteps then echoed within the second floor. Without hesitation all three of them hid behind the wall discreetly, hoping that none of them were seen. The trio stood quiet as they hid behind the wall as a shadow was approaching near their area. Within moments, the footsteps echoed louder as the shadow grew smaller at an angle. The three peak over the wall slightly to catch a glimpse of the shadowy figure, and to their shock it was an old woman wearing an ivory robe wearing a cross logo on her chest. The group then watches her as they remain silent, hoping that the woman would leave unnoticed. Luckily, the woman passes the hallway as she continues to make her way in the second floor, not noticing anything around her surroundings.

Kaz then whispers over to the group, making sure he wasn’t noticed by the old woman, “Was that an occult member?” “Indeed that was.” Quincy whispered back, as he continues behind the wall seeing that the old woman was still on the second floor. “Apparently they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘quit’, do they?” Kora muttered as she gives a cold glare at the old woman as stood beside Kaz. “No, it looks not.” Quincy whispered back at Kora as he crossed his arms in frustration. “Um…wonder why they’re here though…?” Kaz then asks, seemingly curious as to why they are lurking around here for. Suddenly something tugs against Kora’s dress as the trio continued to hide behind the wall. Kora noticing it turns around to see what’s tugging her, and to her surprise it was Alyssa with her familiar white dress and silky brunette hair.

“Alyssa!?” Kora spoke as she gazes down at the little girl as Alyssa smiles innocently at her. Both Kaz and Quincy both turn their heads and noticed that Alyssa was with them as she stood in the hallway before Kora. “Alyssa, but I thought she was in your house?” Kaz stated as he nudges his head over at Quincy, placing his left hand in his pocket. “Alyssa! I thought I told you to stay inside my house till I told you it was safe to come out!?” Quincy reprimanded Alyssa for disobeying his orders as he clutches his fists in frustration. “But I wanted to stay with you Quincy.” Alyssa blabbered as she told her reason for leaving the house, as she gives out her puppy dog stare. Kaz and Kora then look at the girl as she gave out the puppy dog eyes, feeling sorry for her. At the same time though, they weren’t sure if it was safe to really bring her along seeing is it that the occult is still at large. The two then looked at each other and now are concerned for Alyssa’s safety.

Quincy, also getting the same vibe as the other two is unsure on whether or not to bring Alyssa along as he rubs on his temple. But since it was already too late to return her to his house with the monsters at large, he ultimately responds, “Alright you can come along, but stay with me at all times. Understand?” Alyssa then changes from her puppy dog expression to her bright and innocent smile as she squeals, “Really!?” “Yep.” Quincy replied as he smiled back at the child as she jumps for joy “Of course! You’re always more than welcome!” Kora then smiles at the girl as she nods in agreement. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” Kaz replied as he also smiled at the girl, glad to see that the little girl wasn’t going to be left alone. “Yay!” Alyssa then squeals in her usual happy expression while jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas.

Alyssa then runs and latches herself onto Kaz’s back as she clings on to him. Kaz immediately removes the pipe on his back shocked as Alyssa was about to randomly jump on his back. Kaz then secures the little girl’s arms around his neck, making sure she doesn’t fall off. “Let’s go!” Alyssa giggles, smiling at Quincy and Kora as she continues to cling onto Kaz’s back. “Alright, let’s head out!” Quincy shouts as he walks out of the hallway with the group following behind him. “Right behind you!” Kora replies as she nods in agreement and grins as she followed Quincy out of the hallway. “Hang on!” Kaz warns Alyssa as he exits out of the hallway with the little girl, still clinging on to his back. “Don’t worry, I will…” Alyssa sighs as she clings on to his back, seeming like she didn’t want to hear the speech since she was already reprimanded by Quincy. Kora was at ease as she was walking beside Kaz as he was carrying Alyssa, but she can’t but feel that something is amiss.

The group then trudges over to the other side of the second floor of the mall as their footsteps echoed through its rusty walls. As they reached to the other side of the second floor, no blasts of static was heard from either radio, indicating that there were no monsters at large. The group reached to other end of the second floor and noticed a flight of stairs on their right, assuming it will take them to their exit. “I knew there’d be an exit here somewhere!” Quincy smirked as he headed for the mall’s stairwell as his footsteps echoed on the steely flooring. “Everyone, stay close!” Kora then shouts at the group as she follows Quincy down the stairwell. Kaz trotted behind them as Alyssa was clinging tightly on his back, trying not to fall off.

One by one they travelled down the flight of stairs as the group makes their way down to the first floor. As the group reunites down on the first floor as Quincy looks behind him to make sure that no one fell behind, and to his relief no one was missing. He then looks in front of him and notices that the exit was just ten feet away from where they were standing. “Finally, the exit is just right there!” Kaz spoke in relief as he saw the exit before them, seeing that they now found a way out. Kora was relieved that they found the exit, but couldn’t help but feel that something didn’t settle right, though couldn’t point her finger at what. Quincy then takes a step forward as he marches his way to the exit, seeing is it that all the monsters appeared to be eliminated from the first floor. But before he could reach the door handle, a silver blade pierced him on his abdomen as he begins to hiss in pain.

“I knew that you would be coming around Dr. Harker…” A voice of an old woman spoke, sounding familiar with that of Greta’s voice. Kora became worried as she steps out to help Quincy, darting towards him. Kora then witnesses the wound on Quincy as the silver blade was burning through his skin and immediately removes the blade out of his body. “I see we also have company.” The old woman retorted as she grimaced at Kora as she was looking at the two. Kora then turns to where the old woman’s was coming from, and noticed Greta wearing the familiar white robe of that of the occult.

“Well, I always figured that there was something off about Dr. Harker that I didn’t like, but I always thought to myself that it was the meddling. But a vampire, wow! My Dr. Harker, you have a way of keeping secrets! A secret I couldn’t even figure out myself, well that is…till I hit him with this.” Greta then smiles as she wields a silver blade on her hand as she glances at both Quincy and Kora. “Leave him alone Greta!” Kora retorted at the old woman, beginning to feel angered by her presence. “Oh hello Kora, glad you recognize me! Didn’t expect to see you here! My, so you’ve been meddling too, haven’t you? You’ve been a bad girl.” Greta then smiles at Kora as she glances at her with her usually pleasant smile. Greta then chucks a silver blade at Kora, piercing her shoulder blade. Kora hisses in pain as she glances over at her steaming wound as she attempts to remove the blade from there.

“My, you too Kora? What an unsuspected surprise! I managed to reveal not one secret, but two! Two vampires, interesting! I suppose that both of you are related, yes? Well that’s no problem, I’ll kill off both of you and both of you can have your graves next to each other!” Greta then sinisterly smirks as she grabs out another blade from behind. Kaz clutches his fists as he was watching everything from behind the wall. “Alyssa, do me a favor?” Kaz asks as he whispers to Alyssa as they both hid behind the wall. “Yes? What is it?” Alyssa asks as she whispered childishly at Kaz. “Stay here.” Kaz whispers back as he was clutching on to his steel pipe angrily. Alyssa then glances at the steel pipe as she notices that Kaz was clutching it aggressively. She then slides down from his back as she asks, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to go and give that lady a piece of my mind, be right back.” Kaz replied as he whispers at Alyssa as he heads out of the stairwell, wielding his steel pipe aggressively. “Now which one to kill first, you or your sister?” Greta spoke calmly with a sinister smile on her face as she was pointing the dagger at the two wounded vampires. “You know, I always knew that there was something fishy about you Greta, but I couldn’t tell what it was at first.” Kaz retorts as he stood there with his arms crossed. Greta then turns around and her face grew pale, shock to see it was Kaz who was speaking to her. “But now that I know what it is, I’m going to ask you a simple favor.” Kaz then states calmly as uncrosses his arms. “Oh and what would that be boy?” Greta asked angrily, noticing that Kaz was interrupting everything that she was doing. Kaz then immediately darts to Greta as he swings his pipe at her with blood gushing everywhere as he retaliates furiously, “Stay away from my woman you ******** hag!”

Quincy, who know seems to be recovering from his wound now witnesses Kaz whacking the crap out of Greta and grimaces, relieved that the blasted hag was being taken down. Quincy then turns to his wounded sister as Kora finally grabs on to the blade and pulls it out of her shoulder while hissing in pain. Kora then tosses the blade against the wall beside her and pants in exhaustion. “Kora, are you alright?” Quincy asks as he looks over to make sure she’s okay, seeing that she is still in pain from the wound. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Kora replies as her wound slowly regenerates on her shoulder blade. “Where’s Kaz?” Kora then asks as the wound begins to seal itself while she rests against the door. “Kaz is fighting off Greta right now.” Quincy replied as his wound becomes fully regenerated and gets himself off the floor. “We’ll, in that case…I’ll be joining him. You’re coming along?” Kora grimaced as she pulls herself off the ground, seeing that her wound has been healed.

“Sure, I’ll tag along. I’m not going to have him have all the fun beating up the hag over there!” Quincy replies as he sinisterly smiles back at Kora. Both vampires then collaborate as they head out to help Kaz fight of Greta. Kaz continues to swing his pipe back and forth while Greta parries her silver blades, fending off his attacks. Greta then attempts to stab Kaz with her silver blade through his heart, but misses as she is pierced through the torso by not one, but two metal spears. As Greta felt the piercings of the blades, she then turns around to see what’s behind her. To her shock, she finds that both Quincy and Kora were the ones who impaled her abdomen. “You two are still around!?” Greta spoke with shock and fear, for she thought that she took them down with just her silver blades.

“Trust me, it’s going to take a lot more than that just kill a vampire!” Quincy stated as he glares at the old woman, smiling sinisterly at her with his fangs poking out in the open. “Greta, you honestly thought that one silver blade was going to kill them like that?” Kaz starts laughing, for he knows that taking down those two is going to take more than simple weapons just to kill them. “Fine, I see how it is. I’ll just kill three of you at once, how about that!?” Greta angrily spoke, for she is displeased that her plans didn’t go well as she hoped. Greta then thrusts her blade at Kaz’s pipe and instantly breaks it. Kaz seeing his pipe break before his eyes then dodges her blade before she even gets the chance to pierce him and makes a run for it.

Kora noticed that Kaz is now vulnerable for the time being seeing that he doesn’t have a weapon in his hand at the moment, and then begins to attack Greta fending off her attacks against Kaz. “You stay away from him you b***h!” Kora shouts as she thrusts her double saber at Greta. Greta then dodges her blade as she makes a sly remark, “Ah, touchy. Aren’t we?” “My, that boy was just that way when it came to you. Wonder what were to happen if I were to pierce his heart, what will you do then, um?” Greta then asks coldly as she tries to see what makes Kora tick, as they flash their blades together. “I’ll make sure to impale your corpse first before that even happens you ******** b***h!” Kora retaliates as she quickly moves her blade as she attempts to aim it at Greta’s heart.

Greta then dodges the blade that was coming at her and parries her attack. When Kaz then finally got at a good distance away from where the two women were battling, Kaz then immediately pulls out his gun from his satchel and points it at Greta. Quincy looks over at Kaz noticing that he pulled out his gun as he points it directly at Greta, then grimaces as he latches his metal spear onto his back and reaches into his satchel. Quincy pulls his hand back out of the satchel, wielding his shotgun in his hand as he discreetly loads his gun with ammunition and locks his gun at Greta. Kora continues to fight off Greta as she thrusts her blade at her while dodging Greta’s silver blades at the same time. Kora then glances at the corner of her eye and notices both her brother and Kaz secretly aiming their guns at Greta, waiting for the perfect moment.

Kora the smirks slightly at them, as she caught on to what they were plotting and glances back at Greta, grinning. Kora then begins to play along, distracting Greta as she continues to fight her off with her double saber. Kora then takes steps back as she parries her blade to fend off Greta’s blades, luring her directly between where Kaz and Quincy stood without Greta noticing. As Kora stepped closer towards the locked guns, she continued to lure Greta towards her, waiting for her to seize the perfect opportunity. When Greta and Kora were both surrounded by the two locked guns, Kora purposely allows Greta to knock over her double saber to the side, placing her arms up in the air. “Um, I guess we know who won this one. Well, it was fun while it lasted.” Greta stated as she was wielding the tip of her silver bayonets aiming it at Kora smirking, believing that she herself won the battle.

Kora then grins her teeth wide open as she begin cackling at the old woman, while holding her hands up in the air. Greta then removes her cocky smile from her face as she questions Kora angrily, “What’s wrong? You think this is funny?” Kora then glances at the woman with her eyes glowing red as she continues to laugh, “Of course it’s funny, ‘cause the fight is just getting started.” Kora then places her hands down as she reached down for her boot leg and pulls out her black pistol, now pointing the gun at her. “Ah, but it’s just one gun. I can easily dodge those bullets with my blade, vampire.” Greta then smirks, thinking that she has Kora cornered as Kora backs away from the old woman. Kora as she steps back to get a good distance from the old lady then holds on to the trigger as she states, “True, but can you dodge three guns at once?” Greta then looks around her surroundings and her face begin to drain of her color as she witness that not one gunman was surrounding her, but three.

“Lock and load men, ‘cause this is going to be a hell of a fight!” Kora shouts as she gives the other two their cue to start shooting out their bullets. Quincy then pulls the trigger of his shot gun, aiming it at Greta’s feet and caused her to startle herself. Greta, startled by Quincy’s gunshot, gasps as she begins to focus now only on Quincy. Before she could seize the opportunity in throwing any of her silver bayonets at him, she was shot through the torso. Now even more startled at the sight of her own blood, she slowly turns around to see who shot behind her as she begins to limp only to reveal that Kaz was the one who shot her. Greta was then about to attack Kaz with her silver blade as she scowls at him but before long, another bullet was coming towards her. Stopping what she was doing, she turns around limping towards where the bullet was ricocheting from, and to her shock it was Kora who now pulled the trigger at her. Before Greta could even have the chance to dodge the bullet that was coming towards her, the bullet shot through her body piercing her heart.

Within moments, Greta then dropped on the ground as her body oozed out a crimson pool of blood still latching on to her bayonets, gasping for air. Greta, knowing that she went down in defeat then gasps out her last breath and at long last was now dead. The trio then placed away their guns back in its proper place as they gazed briefly at the dead body. Kora then walks over to the side as she picks up her double saber, carrying it around again. “Finally, the hag is gone!” Quincy retorted in his own prideful way as he glimpsed at the dead corpse while crossing his arms, for he couldn’t stand the woman. “Yeah, I’ll we have to do is find Walter and kill him off. Then we can all go home.” Kaz stated, now glad that the old shrew was taken care of smiling at Kora as he placed his hands in his pockets.

“Yeah, now let’s all get Alyssa and let her know it’s safe now!” Kora then stated at the two as she smiled at the both of them, glad to know that all of them are safe and sound. But as she turns to the back door to get Alyssa who is hiding in the stairwell, she finds Alyssa at the back door lying on the ground. Frantic, Kora then runs after Alyssa to check up on her and see if she’s okay. Both and Kaz and Quincy begin to wonder why Kora suddenly was running and as they turned over to where Kora was running to, they noticed that Alyssa was lying on the ground motionless. Both of them then darted towards the scene as Quincy shouts out, “Alyssa!” As Kora reached to where Alyssa laid, she then bends over and picks up her body checking if she’s okay. To the trio’s relief, Alyssa seemed to be alright, thinking that she just collapsed on the ground probably from running.

“Hey Alyssa, are you alright?” Kora asks as she was looking directly at Alyssa, smiling at her with comfort. Alyssa, then replies as she begins to cough, “Yeah, I’m fine. What about you sissy?” “I’m fine. Don’t worry sweetie, everything it’s going to be alright. As soon as everything is over, we all can go home together!” Kora states as she comforts Alyssa, as the little girl coughs abruptly. “Sissy, thank you…” Alyssa replied to her, though sounding very weak. “For what sweetie..?” Kora asks as the then looks back at Alyssa. But as Kora looks at her, Alyssa’s eyes were shot wide open and her skin was blue and no longer breathing. “Alyssa…” Kora blurted out as she looks at Alyssa with her cold body trembling against her fingers. Alas, Alyssa is now dead as she lies in Kora’s arms.

Kora then embraces Alyssa’s lifeless body, as she a single tear of blood left from her eye as she was biting her lip. Kaz and Quincy then gaze at the body in disbelief, cannot believe that Alyssa died before their eyes. Quincy then kneels besides Kora as he looks at the body in sorrow, bending his head down as a blood tear also left from his eye. Kaz never really knew Alyssa personally other than being the little girl who supposedly went missing from the hospital, then kneels down beside the other two and bend his head down, mourning for the child out of respect. Kaz then looks up again after his brief mourning and notices a peculiar brown wallet that she was holding. Kaz then gently pulls it out of the deceased girls hand and glances at it carefully.

Kaz then notices that the wallet wasn’t there before as he states, looking curiously at the wallet, “What’s this wallet doing here?” “A wallet!?” Quincy then glances over at what Kaz was holding, now noticing the peculiar brown wallet in his hands. Kora then looks over as she carried the dead Alyssa in her arms, noticing the wallet as well. “It’s an odd wallet too, how did Alyssa get a hold of it?” Kora asked, now seemingly curious about the wallet with a very off presence. “Kaz let me see the wallet.” Quincy then glances at the wallet, feeling that there was something he needed to see with that wallet. “Sure.” Kaz replies as he tosses the wallet to Quincy for him to look at. As Quincy begins to skim though the wallet he noticed two ID cards attached to it, one with Alyssa’s picture on it and the other with Greta’s. But that wasn’t all of it. As he looked carefully at both of the ID cards, both of them had the name ‘Greta Alyssa Gruber’ printed on it.

“A child manifestation! Why didn’t I see before?” Quincy glances at the wallet and then back at Alyssa’s corpse as he was left in shock. “A child manifestation?” Kora asked as she then glanced at the body, shocked to know that Alyssa was nothing more than a manifestation of another being. “You mean that Alyssa wasn’t really a person to begin with?” Kaz then questioned, now realizing that the little girl with them the whole entire time wasn’t really existent. “Precisely, allow me to explain.” Quincy then gets up from the ground, as he then crosses his arms sternly as he comes to his senses. Both Kora and Kaz then pulled themselves off the floor as Kora rests the lifeless body on the floor, away from where the doors stood. “Basically what Alyssa was is a child manifestation of another living person, similar to the case back in Ashfield with the two apartment victims.” Quincy began explaining as he talked in his usual stern tone.

“You mean the child manifestation of Walter Sullivan?” Kaz then recalls that indeed a similar incident did happen with Walter’s child manifestation back in Ashfield some years back. “Correct. However, instead of the manifestation being Walter’s as a result of his childhood residing on South Ashfield Heights Apartments, the manifestation is none other than that of Greta’s.” Quincy continues explaining as he glances over at Greta’s dead corpse, lying about in an amber pool of blood. “Greta’s manifestation?” Kaz then replies, as he tried to put one and two together. “But that would make sense though if you think about it…manifestations can’t last long without it’s host.” Kora bluntly stated while placing her hands on her hips, beginning to realize that was really the only logical explanation to Alyssa’s death. “Um, I see. So Alyssa really can’t exist unless Greta’s alive.” Kaz replied nodding his head as all of this is now starting to make sense.

“Exactly, which is why Walter Sullivan used Alyssa as a sacrament to revive himself back, cause he knew that Alyssa was a manifestation from the very beginning.” Quincy noted as he uncrossed his arms and walked towards the back door. “But wouldn’t killing a manifestation kill the person too?” Kaz questions, seeing that Walter’s logical thinking made absolutely no sense. “No. In fact if the host were to kill it’s manifestation, the host will be perfectly fine knowing that they can create the same manifestation later on. However, the host was to be killed, the manifestation dies with its host.” Quincy explained, trying not to sound cold as he places his hands in his pockets. “So in other words, Alyssa would have died anyway.” Kaz replied as he places both of his hands inside his pockets. “Yes. It’s cold, but unfortunately that’s the path of a manifestation.” Kora stated as she was looking at Kaz grimly, but is now a little more at ease knowing that Alyssa is at peace, despite that she’s a manifestation.

Quincy then turns around and opens the back door as he pushed against the handle and suggested, “Let’s head out now before more occult members find us. I don’t want to take any chances to where we lose someone else.” “Right.” Kora nods in agreement as she follows behind her brother out of the door. “Kaz, come along. I don’t want you to fall behind!” Kora states as she looks back at Kaz, seeing that she doesn’t want to lose him. “Don’t worry, I’m just making sure you don’t jump ahead.” Kaz smiles with his sly comeback as he walks out of the door beside Kora as he playfully nudges her head, assuring that he’ll be fine. “Ha, jump ahead you say!” Kora then smiles sinisterly at him as she playfully punches him in the shoulder. Both of them darted out of the door as they follow Quincy through the fog as Quincy shook his head, smirking as he was listening to the conversation.

The trio then trudged away from the mall while the sirens continued to sound off as they make their way towards their final destination, the warehouse. Static blasted slightly as certain monsters such as Air Screamers and Night Fliers, but only on certain areas and didn’t pay that much mind to them but rather somebody else. As they were about ten feet from the warehouse, occult members who were hiding in the other building then barged from the doors seeming like they were heading towards them. The trio noticed the group of occult members following after them and immediately darted towards the doors of the warehouse. Quincy then latches the doors open as he signals Kaz and Kora to get inside. Kora then immediately runs inside as she stood beside her brother and Kaz followed after. Before the trio close the door behind them, Kaz then pulls out his Molotov cocktail as he lights it up with a lighter. “What the ******** are you doing?” Quincy asked Kaz as he glares sternly at the cocktail he was holding. “I’m going to have fun with my new toy!” Kaz replies as he tosses his Molotov cocktail at the running occult members, instantly engulfing them in flames the moment the bottle hits them.

“Nice job!” Quincy smirks as he watches the remaining occult members burn into ashes before his very eyes. “My pleasure! Now let’s finish Walter and get the ******** out here!” Kaz states as he pulls out the umbilical cord out of his satchel. “I’m with you right there. Let’s pay Walter a visit before he grows impatient.” Quincy agrees as he steps away from the door as he begins exploring through the warehouse while taking out his metal spear. “Let’s not keep him waiting then! Tonight is going to be one hell of a night!” Kora then sinisterly grins as her eyes glowed viciously red as she follows behind Quincy, wielding her double saber in hand. “Well, this is going to be a lot of fun!” Kaz then tags along with the two as he carries the umbilical cord in his hand as all three now begin their journey through the depths of the warehouse.*

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