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I wonder why it turned out this way, maybe just maybe if I didn't go to school that morning I would have never gotten into this situation. Two hours earlier Sean was up early and dressed for school, it was his last day of high school and all the seniors especially Sean were ready for grad night. Jason his long time friend and troublemaker asked Sean to be at school an hour earlier than usual, Sean never refused Jason's request so he set out to school. When he arrived he could see Jason sitting near the school parking lot, from a distance Sean could see he seemed anxious and worried his hand seemed to be trembling. Sean wondered what was wrong and jogged over to Jason who was now tapping his right foot looking worse than he thought. Sean stopped inches away from his friend and was about to cry out in shock but stopped himself, the left side of Jason's face was covered in blood streaming from a large cut on his forehead. Jason looked up at Sean as if just noticing him, he had a distant expression in his eyes and Sean began to speak "holy sh*t Jason what the hell happened to your head? are you alright man?"
---to be continued Maybe