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Solipsism: A Love Story
Indecision & Indifference
I really wanted to create a story that explored the concepts of time, of foreverness, eternity, and also the idea of limbo/purgatory (but not in a strictly religious sense, as I know the latter two are connected with the Catholic church).

The structure of the comic is something I want to touch on first -- it wouldn't be very long, and I'm thinking what I'll do is cycle through the colors of the rainbow. As the two main characters travel from place to place (as this is going to be a story that contains a whole lot of traveling), they'll begin in a red area and then it will slowly progress to an orange area, a yellow area, etc. My dream is that each area can focus on a concept related to time, limbo, etc. (I know the orange area would be about entropy), but this may be too advanced and complicated for a novice like me to achieve with EVERY single area. So far I'm wavering between two endings, which I've been calling in my head the "white" and "black" endings. I'm leaning towards the white ending, but the black ending is appealing to me for reasons I'll discuss below.

Before I move onto a summary of the plot, a note about the characters.
I currently have no names for either of them and I don't think they'll be named in-story simply because it's not relevant to the plot. I guess I'll just refer to them as Indecision (the big, Inuit guy you like) and Indifference (the non-binary gender peep -- whose non-binary-ness is not relevant to the story, btw). I picked those two traits because they are, well, they're sort of related to limbo. Indecision (the concept) is the inability to choose between two choices, so you exist in a sort of limbo between those choices…. Does that make sense? If one choice was heaven and the other choice was hell, indecision would be purgatory. The same idea applies to indifference, the only real difference being indifference has connotations of apathy.

So far I have the story pretty well mapped out for the colors red, orange, yellow, green, and MAYBE blue. I'm thinking I may have to include the in-between colors like red-orange and yellow-green and stuff to fit all that I want in. A lot of this entire thing is going to be based around scenery, which is why I want to practice and hone my background and environment drawing skills before I begin.

The two endings have slightly different beginnings too, so I'll just describe the white ending and then list the black ending's difference below.

The two would wake up in the red area, which is going to be a gigantic (never-ending) field of bright red flowers with a single, long dirt path leading straight through it.
This is the photograph that inspired this area:

The flowers will just be closer to the ground and redder. The fog will be included.
Indifference and Indecision will stumble around for a bit and I'll use this time to make moments that establish their personalities, etc. Soon they will come across a woman, doing some sort of task. I don't know what the task is yet.

This woman is probably the third most important character. I've been calling her the Witch Doctor in my head, but that is subject to change. She is likely going to be a character symbolic of God, as she's really the only person who knows what's going on (she's like Yuuko from xxxholic). She'll drop some foreshadowing hints, etc, etc, but leave the two characters pretty much as confused as before they met her.

Eventually the characters move onto the orange area (with the the scenery slowly fading from red to orange). The orange area is going to be like a big canyon. My goal, since this is all taking place in limbo, is that every area is going to be a product of age -- canyons are made after thousands of years of erosion. They'll spot an elderly man at the top of the canyon and climb up it because they want to ask him where they hell they are. The man will be performing a task as well -- he'll be dragging a four-pronged rake around in a big circle in the dirt. A big, never-ending circle. The rake will go over the same spot over and over again, the rivets never getting deeper and never changing. The characters will call to him and ask him questions, but he won't answer, he'll just keep raking. They'll watch him do this for a while and ask each other "how long has he been doing this?" Eventually one of the characters (probably Indifference, as Indecision would be too anxious to disturb him) will go over and and trying to talk to him. In the process, they will mention aloud the concept of time (probably just asking the elderly man how long he's been doing this) and accidentally step on the circle, messing up the crevices the man had been raking. This has caused entropy. The elderly man will stop raking.

I have this image my head of the elderly man, in a very cosmic horror fashion, turning towards Indifference and the man's head/upper body/torso will transform into a giant, black reptilian bird. Action scene! The man will lunge at Indifference and pin them down, attacking them (but missing) with his beak/fangs/whatever. Indecision will be freaking out ("WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?") while Indifference will be struggling to escape. This is meant to be Indecision's Establishing Character Moment. Eventually, Indifference will break free and they'll both run away, with the elderly man still chasing behind them both.

They'll run and run and run and this will be the time that the scenery fades into yellow. The yellow setting I have is of a big, yellow forest, with yellow leaves everywhere. There's going to be a big pond/creek/thing and even it will be yellow. Both of them will look up at the trees and see that they continue on, up and up, forever.
They'll escape the elderly bird dude, Indifference by hiding under a big circular bridge (photos forthcoming) and Indecision being pushed into the creek by Indifference because he couldn't decide where to hide. From this we will see that the creek is bottomless.

I've been typing for a really long time now, so I think I'll end this journal here and continue explaining everything at another time.

EDIT 2/2/13 /// I really want to include magnolias somehow. Apparently they're a very ancient flower and I think they'd fit in with the whole areas-being-a-product-of-time thing.

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    Sun Feb 02, 2014 @ 03:51am

    I really like the color idea and the progression through different colors. Have you done much research into color symbolism? A lot of it is honestly really instinctive, and in a visual medium like a comic, I think it would work really, really well, especially in invoking mood.

    I can definitely see the link between Indecision, Indifference, and the concept of purgatory as an in between place, a limbo place where you sort of end up if you don't take charge, form an opinion, can't make a decision, just don't care, etc.

    The red area makes me think of the field of poppies in the Wizard of Oz film, and the orange area makes me think of the Grand Canyon. I really like the mental picture of the forest with yellow leaves as well - seems dreamlike. The other characters they meet also sound integral to establishing the characters/furthering the story/exploring the themes/providing conflict. Is there going to be one extra character per color section? Do any of them (like the Witch Doctor) repeat?

    You had to end on a cliffhanger, didn't you. smilies/icon_stare.gif

    I'm really looking forward to hearing more about it!

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