Part 2 of my heart break story. This one is sad, but I don't think any heartbreak will compare to the first. This one many will know. Ismar.

Ismar and I were friends for awhile, and then we dated. Soon we were engaged in real life (Had the ring made and all), and married on gaia. I know many wont believe me when I say this, but we did love each other. Very much. Yes we fought, A LOT. But we had our sweet times too. Something you all didn't know was this. I was going to move to NC, without finishing school just to be with him. But then I began learning a few lies about him. I wont list them, but I'll say this. It was enough to ruin my trust for him fully. And I still have issues trusting anyone right now. But, going through that made me realize something. I'm not ready for marriage, or kids yet. I'm not even 20 yet. I'd like to live my life a bit before settling down. I have dreams I want to follow. And yes, Ismar will always have a spot in my heart. But as my mother said. He was a good life lesson for me.

That's it for this tale~