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Yay It's Molly's Blog!
My Gaian/real life.
What song do you have the urge to listen to right now?
Literally anything by MM <3

What song are you listening to now?
Long Hard Road Out of Hell- Marilyn Manson

Where are you from?

Where do you live?
My house.

What is the strangest place you've ever been?
Some place I went in New York once. It was a small ghost town. It was just a surreal place and a surreal experience.

Craziest thing you've done, drunk?
Nothing. I've never been drunk.

Craziest thing you've done, sober?
Omg I don't even know. Lol.

Describe your inner and outer circle of friends?
I have a few close friends who I love, I can be myself around them and they love me for me. We'd all do anything for eachother.

Describe your love life?
Perfect. <3 He's everything to me and I'm everything to him.

Have you ever written a survey?

Have any frenemies?

Have any enemies?
Not really.

Give yourself a label (emo, jock, prep):

One word to describe yourself:

One word that is the exact opposite of your personality:

Where are you in your schooling?
I graduated high school a couple years ago.

Biggest influence on your life (other than family/significant others)
Marilyn Manson <3

Are you watching TV?

If so, what's on?

Have you ever been to Wisconsin?



No :/

South Dakota?

Las Vegas?


Why did you fall in love with/get a crush on that special someone?
Because he's absolutely perfect.

Ever been in a sorority/fraternity?

Favorite drink, non-alcoholic?
Dr. Pepper probably.

Favorite drink, alcoholic?
Anything fruity & yummy.

What drugs (legal or not) do you keep in your purse, glove compartment, etc?

Favorite Gatorade flavor?
The green onee smilies/icon_biggrin.gif lol

Favorite Jelly Belly flavor?
Blue raspberry.

Favorite Starburst Flavor?

6' or Footlong Subway?
Footlong lol

Favorite Salad Dressing?

How do you feel about white nail polish?
I think it looks cute especially in summer.

Ever played Guitar Hero?

If so, what level do you play?
I used to play expert lol

If you were a character on Friends, who would you be?
I think Joey.

How many trophies do you own?

Any medals?
Nope. I'm a loser smilies/icon_gonk.gif

Do you usually sit in first class, business, or economy?
I don't know lol.

When you were young, what did you want to do with your life?
I wanted to be a writer.

What are you pursuing now?
Getting my license, planning my wedding, maybe getting a job.

What would you want to name future children if you were to have any (more)?
Claire, Chloe, Carly, Patrick...Idk I have a few.

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