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Solipsism: A Love Story
Hospital again.
Though, for once, not for me.

I didn't sleep a wink last night. I just spend hours and hours drawing and working on the code for my art shop. Around 7 AM, after my dad left for work, I decided to get up and go crawl into my parents' bed and sleep next to my mom because I was feeling sick again.

She was in the guest room though, which is right across from mine. We lay together for about an hour but I was still unable to sleep. She got up to take a shower and right as I was about to doze off. Five minutes later, I hear slow, heaving breathing approaching the room. It was my mom. She came staggering into my room, dripping with water and only a pair of underwear on. I jumped out of bed to lead her to sit down and I asked her if she was hurt (she obviously was). She slurred her words and told me she fell in the shower and she thought she dislocated her shoulder and she needed to go to the ER.

She struggled to stay conscious, I think, as she kept swaying around as she sat on the bed. After struggling with buttons (my hands were shaking) and helping her put on her pants and even putting on her shoes for her, I frantically gathered her ID card and her phone and we dialed the neighbors to take her to the ER because she couldn't move her arm and I can't drive. I had to help her get into the minivan. She was still slurring her words.

We got to the hospital, me in my pajamas and she in a button down with only one arm through the sleeve and the other held immobile beneath her shirt. I had to fill out the patient information for her. She was offered a wheelchair and I steered her down the maze-like hallway to what would be her room for the next two and a half hours.

The nurse took her medical history (which is long enough to fill a book) and then helped her put on a dressing gown. My mom cried on my shoulder when the nurse left.

One of our neighbors came to see my mom and said she could stay and take us home. She stayed and chatted the entire time about the weather, kitchen remodeling, and shoes.

Eventually the doctor came in to examine her and check on her arm and her head (which she hit when she fell). They wheeled her away on the gurney to take an X-ray and during this time I called my dad (the first time I have willing initiated contact with him in over two years) and left him a message about what had happened.

The X-ray came back normal -- no fractures, nothing broken or dislocated. The doctor said that she had just severely aggravated the arthritis in her shoulder and that was what caused the pain and immobility. I helped her change out of her hospital gown and back into the button up, now with both arms through the sleeves. The doctors had given her industrial-strength Motrin and that helped relieve the pain a lot. We don't have any Motrin at home, so she's taking the left over pain killers I have from when I got my wisdom teeth out. The nurse put a sling on her and I observed carefully, because I knew I would have to help her in and out of it once we got home.

Our neighbor drove us home and we when got in then house, we hugged each other and cried for a minute. I was so scared for her because I had no idea what was going on when she came stumbling into my room, naked, saying she needed the hospital.

We've been home for about half an hour and I've had to type out work emails for her, excusing her from work today, help her fasten her bra, put on deodorant underneath the injured arm, send texts for her, and stir her yogurt. I am exhausted, but I've been staying awake in case she needs my help. She just made soup on her own and took off the sling, so I think I have time for a nap before my doctor's appointment at 3:00.

I'm sorry if this post is incoherent and grammatically a mess, but I've been awake for around 20 hours and I'm exhausted.

EDIT 1/30, 2:35 AM /// Mom is okay but I've still had to help with her things, her seatbelt, turning the key in the car, moving back the recliner. I slept after my doctor's appointment and woke up around 11 PM and she was awake, sitting in the chair in the living room because it hurt too much to lay in bed. I'm staying awake, partially to be there if she needs something, partially because I'm talking to Sal, mostly because I need to finish all of these Stats assignments. She asked me to get her water a bit ago and I took one of the cats off her lap. She migrated to the sofa, where she is laying now. I'm not sure how much pain she is in, but her words are slurred again -- either out of pain or because she's tired. I told her to holler if she needs anything.

EDIT 1/30, 4:11 AM /// Mom has moved back to the reclining chair and managed to sleep for a little while, I don't know how long. I've been checking on her periodically, though, and she was awake when I last went to check on her, minutes ago. I put the cat (who had climbed back onto her lap) outside and got her pain meds. She is still in so much pain. I'm too tired to do the math, but I think I've only gotten around 7 hours of sleep within the past two and a half days. This is my second consecutive all-nighter. I'm going to finish every last bit of the Stats work and go to bed. I'm shooting for 7 AM.

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    Sat Feb 01, 2014 @ 03:58am

    That's utterly terrifying. Do you have anyone else around you who can help? Friends, family, neighbors...? Being a sole caregiver for someone is exhausting. Does she have a regular doctor she goes to who can check her out and prescribe her some more intensive pain medication?

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