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Oh, Aki. . .
You truly are a darling. And, I mean that. I didn't know that I told a slight fib. Not intentionally, of course. I said that it had been about three years since I was last on these forums. And, she kept track of time. It's been a couple years.

Yes, only a couple. Even still, that's a fairly long time without checking these posts. I know that there are several people that have been gone longer than I have, and I applaud them. I'm sure they've got a much more interesting life than what I'm experiencing, right now. That's not to say I don't do my fair share of activities. I'm currently waiting for the snow to pile up, so my dogs have leap through the snow, rather than walk. Last I checked, it's about 6 inches deep. Still not enough, if you ask me. On the flip side, I'm sure there are a few people that would wish to have only a few inches, instead of a few... feet.

Oh, but my dear, Aki. She truly is a sweetheart. To think I would come back forgotten. She still remembers me, and openly talks with me as well. There isn't anyone else I would rather talk to than her. She will always have my unconditional love.