Hey there! Well here's book 11 of the protectors series! c: Enjoy!

The Protectors Book 11: Twists And Turns: When Rex's secret is out, Lois gets her the help she needs, while Snow's secret is found out as well... Wind, Jule, and Sammy begin to do all can, to help their loved one. And when Hunnie begins to get sick... She'll soon realize that the reason for her sickness, will change her life
forever. Also Lois gets a call from the one person, she wished she'd never hear from again Genre: Family/Drama.

"Don't worry, Dear! We'll figure out what's going on with you," Lois barked, as they drove to the doctor.

"Thanks, Mom... I don't feel too good," Rexie replied. The Element Of Fire knew it was the pills, but she did not want anyone to find that out... However it seemed that her secret would soon be out in the open.

"I know you don't, My Poor Baby," Lois said.

"Mom, why didn't you just give me a home check up? You're a doctor ya know..."

"Because I specialize in humans not our kind, remember?" The Mother Fox responded.

"Oh yeah. I always forget that," Rex sighed.

"It's fine," Lois smirked, pulling into the parking lot of the doctor's office.

Rexie gulped as she and Lois got out of the car... This was it. Soon she'd be in big trouble...


"Snow?" Where are ya?" Wind questioned loudly, coming down the stairs.

"I uh... I'm in here!" Snow answered from the kitchen.

"She's still in there!? What the hell..." Wind muttered.

Then as Wind entered the room where her Sister was, she stopped dead in her tracks... When she saw Snow stuffing her face with Candy Bars.

"W-What are you doing?" Wind asked nervously.

Snow finished eating her treats and then spoke.

"Wind, ever since Mom and Dad have brought home that new Candy Bar for us to try, I've been buying them, and I've been eating them as much as I possibly can," Snow explained.

"So you're addicted to it then?" Wind growled.

"Yes!" Snow cheered.

"Snow, you can't eat them anymore! You'll get sick..." Wind pointed out.

"No I won't! Wind, you can't stop me. I will never stop eating the candy bars!" Snow hissed, as she stormed out of the kitchen.

"Oh god..." Wind mumbled.

"Wait what!? She's been taking pills!?" Hunnie, Weezy, and Leo yelped in unison.

"Yes..." Lois said weakly.

"And you checked her into an addiction center? So she'll get the help she needs to quit?" Leo added.

"Yes. I had to! I can't let her continue to hurt herself," Lois said.

"I understand," Leo replied, as Weezy and Hunnie nodded along, with signals that they understood as well.

"Good! Now at the doctor, Rex did admit to why she started taking pills," Lois gulped.

"And what was it?" Hunnie wondered.

"Well... Rex started to take them cause of you, Hunnie. When you went missing she couldn't handle it... So she took pills to try and make herself feel better," Lois explained.

"Oh my god..." Hunnie managed to choke out.

The next day, which happened to be Sunday wasn't all that pleasant.

Wind had told Sammy and Jule what Snow had been up to, that resulted in some family drama. And when Snow and Wind found out about Rex, well... Snow being addicted to something as well said that Rex didn't need help, she wasn't doing anything wrong, but Wind was glad that their friend was getting the help.

Hunnie found out from Wind about Snow's issue as well. She recommended that Wind and her parents get Snow some help, like Rexie was given. However apparently Snow was being stubborn... She didn't think she had a problem.

They had already suggested on taking The Element Of Water go the doctor, but that did not go down well. Snow got angry and said she wouldn't go...

So now the family had no idea of how to help her...

"I can't believe all of this is happening," Hunnie hissed.

"I know. It's pretty crazy," Leo responded.

"Yeah no kidding..." Hunnie muttered.

"Don't ya worry, Girl! It'll be okay," Weezy chimed in.

"I feel bad though... Like it's my fault. Cause If I hadn't gone missing, Rex wouldn't be addicted to pills,"

Hunnie whimpered.

"It's not your fault! Max kid-napped you. So if anyone's to blame it's him!" Leo barked.

"Yeah!" Weezy said, agreeing with his brother.

"I can't help it... I still feel guilty," Hunnie choked out, as tears formed in her eyes.

Meanwhile back Snow and Wind's house, Jule and Sammy had returned home, after getting of their jobs for the day. Wind greeted them at the door, told them Snow had gotten more Candy Bars with her money. Now the family knew that had to do whatever it would take, to help Snow... But it wouldn't be easy.

"Please, Snow just listen to us..." Wind said.


"Hun, we know you love them, but you'll get sick if you keep this up... Here just gimme the rest of them,"

Jule added, walking to Snow who was holding the treats in her paws.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Snow cried, as hit her Mom across the face.

"THAT DOES IT YOUNG LADY!" Sammy hissed, running over to help his Wife.

"YEAH! YOU DON'T HURT MOM!" Wind snarled.

"YOU KNOW WHAT!? YOU'RE ALL JUST A BUNCH OF a** HOLES! I HATE ALL OF YOU!" Snow screamed, before running up stairs.

"What are we going to do? Snow cannot be allowed to act this," Jule said.

"Well... We could get her some help," Wind pointed out.

"Wind's right, Jule. We have to get Snow some help... She really needs it," Sammy added.

"Alright then, let's do it," Jule responded.


Sunday had passed and now Monday morning had arrived.

Hunnie, and Wind went to school. Snow refused to go... And with Rex getting treatment for her pill addiction, well she wouldn't be around for a while.

Jule and Sammy were doing research on now to help Snow. They didn't want check her into an addiction center, so they set up a doctor's appointment.

Knowing that it would be nearly impossible, to get their daughter to leave the house... The couple had no choice but to call the police.

And with the help of the cops, Snow agreed to go to the doctor.

"Okay, Miss Snow. I believe I know how to help you. I am going to put you on a diet. For a month you'll eat nothing, but Apples, Carrots, Green Beans, Grapes, Oranges, and Peaches. Also you may only drink water. Due to your addiction you have gained 20 pounds in three weeks. This isn't healthy, Dear. So we must stop it," The Doctor explained.

"Okay..." Snow sighed.

"Thank you, Doctor," Jule barked.

"Yes thank you!" Sammy howled.

"No problem. Just doing my job," The Doctor said.

So Snow started on her diet, Rexie continued to get her treatment, and everything else was the same. School, work, etc.

However as the weeks went on, Hunnie began to get sick. She was having nausea, she was vomiting, she was having excessive tiredness and fatigue, along with cravings for certain foods, and frequent urination particularly during the night.

Lois knew what was going on, but she hand't been trained how to look at, heal, treat, or do anything with Foxes. She worked on humans.

The only reason the fox doctor knew what was going on, was because she saw this is humans before... Ah yes.

Humans an Foxes reacted exactly the same when they became pregnant.

"Are you sure?" Hunnie asked.

"Yes, but just to make sure, to use this," Lois sighed, handing the teen-fox a pregnancy test.

"O-Okay..." Hunnie managed to choke, as she walked off to the bathroom.

When the element of earth used the pregnancy test, it said one thing when she was done with it: Positive

"I-I'm pregnant... Oh my god..." Hunnie muttered to herself.

"Wait you're what!?" Snow and Wind chirped in unison.

Hunnie sighed and tried fight back the tears that wanted to fall.

"Yes, I'm pregnant... And Max is the father. You two remember what we learned in 6th grade, right? That Humans and Foxes can create an offspring, that'll either be a human or a fox," Snow responded.

"Yeah I remember that," Wind said.

"Same," Snow squeaked.

"What am I gonna do, Girls? I... I don't wanna give my child up," Hunnie whimpered.

"You don't have to! Keep it," Wind replied.

"Keep it? But I won't be able to take care of it! I've got school! And duties with saving Starlight!" Hunnie growled.

"I'm sure Rex's family will help you," Snow pointed out.

"I sure hope you're right..." Hunnie mumbled under her breath.

"Of course, Hunnie! We'll help take care of your baby," Lois said, with Leo and Weezy nodding in agreement.

"Oh thank you!" Hunnie barked cheerfully.

"No problem, Dear," Lois responded, pulling Hunnie in for a hug.

Then the element of earth let out a sigh of relief.

Cause everything was going to be okay.

A few days later, Rex was released from the addiction center and returned home.

She was now clean and seemed a lot happier, so everyone was having a little party to celebrate.

"I'm so proud of you, Sweetie!" Lois howled.

"Awww thanks..." Rexie smirked.

"You're a tough one, Girl!" Hunnie added in.

"Hell yeah!" Leo, Weezy, Snow, and Wind agreed in unison.


A little bit later Wind and Snow left to go back home. It was almost 9:00 PM... When Lois's cell phone rang.

When the middle-aged Fox picked up her phone and saw the number... She knew exactly who it was... And that who meant trouble.

Lois gulped as she answered the call and then waited, for the voice on the other end to talk.

"Lois? Hi they let me out early! I'm on nine years probation now,"

"You were supposed to be in jail for 5 years..." Lois growled.

"But now I'm not! They decided on a different punishment, seeing as I didn't get away with killing you or Katie,"

"They can't do that! The police said they were sure of 5 years for you," Lois grumbled.

"Well guess what? They changed their minds... I'm out and I wanna see Rexie,"

"You will not take one step near her, Mike..." Lois hissed bitterly.

----End Of Book 11----