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Phantomhive Work log
My favorite logs that I like to make :D Drawing, poems I write and others
Sakura nodded holding onto the shield along with Azreal's sword. She smiled at them. Azreal smiled as she watched her niece wondering why she hadn't put the sword down. Angel looked up at them as she yawned cutely closing her eyes acting like she feel asleep again as she felt some energy of the first Angel's spirit leave her body. The spirit looked up before going over to Annabell. Angel being the first Midnight queen she had more power than most expected. She would be able to tell when some one needed the help in her family. Annabell gasped some when she felt the spirit enter her body. She simply closed her eyes before kneeling down. Ryan blinked some before going by her holding his twin swords out. He looked at her wondering what was going on. Anreal blinked some before turning forward to face Aamarondos. Annabell looked up some as she felt something snap inside her mind. She laid a hand on her head as she feel to the ground her hair growing out. My daughter don't find the change that is happening with in you. I'm awaking your demonic side. I feel that without it you will not survive. As a midnight queen you can not fail. You're the second one to have been born into the blood line and to take over. Annabell opened her eyes which where a blood red. She smirked some looking more like Angel did when she became a demon. She looked over before reaching for her sword which started to glow as soon as she touched it. She slowly got up her hair falling to her ankles. She laughed looking at her now snow like white hair giggling some. She smirked her black heels clicking against the ground looking at her sword which had now become a scythe.

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