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Dealing with Socializing In The Future
Hmmm you know... there is something that has been on my mind for a bit. So I am going to get it out in writing and see if there is anything that I can.. I guess discern from it.

So I am planning on moving to a new state in a couple of months. While my mind is thinking about packing and other arrangments. The other side of my mind is a bit focused on how exactly to deal with new people who I will be foreced to encounter. Granted this will be very few people overall. I mean at anime conventions I only speak to people when spoken too... so... yeah there is no real reason for me to believe that those will be a problem. No the problem will come mainly at a Crossfit gym. Where people insist on knowing the people around them.

I guess I can throw out on solution right now, give up Crossfit. However, I do enjoy it so very much and I am needing to enter into a more cardio intensive routine so that I can burn a bit more fat.. plus the gyms have such nice equipment, and I do not have to think as hard, another good thing. So I guess I will save this option for later.. but I do not think that I will ever be that down.

Anyway... I need a way of telling a person, to leave me alone without coming off as rude. I mean I am kind enough to not just flat out ignore people... howver, at the same time I need a method to let them know that I do not care who they are and I do not fell any discomfort being around people of whome I do not know their names. After all, at my regular gym, I went two years straight without learning someone's name even though we saw each other pretty much every workout. So really I guess it comes down to phrasing. However, the problem with that is the fact that if I am too nice, people will not get the message. Being too mean might cause other issues... Crossfit gyms are weird... they are all about community.

So I was thinking about saying something like "Please do not feel obligated to speak to me. I am just here to workout, not make friends". I think that will workout nice. I mean it is simple and easy to say quickly. Being too verbose can be a problem. Granted this might make other questions arise... I guess I need to think of other lies that can be told to cover for them. I do not like lying... but again... Crossfit is weird.. you can get kicked out of a gym if no one likes you.

Hmm... well I guess I will have to cross that path when I come to it... still I do wonder about ways to make things simpler on myself. I mean... I know that should I have to go out to bars with my family, I can be as insulting as I want and not care. I am thinking for that I am going to just get a little note pad and write out several pages with something along the lines of "I am sorry for wasting your time, and I will do my best to sneak away in the next couple of minutes". I mean I could put something REALLY insulting... but.... I think I the fact that I am not even speaking to the person or female in question should be insulting enough to get her away. However, I do not anticipate that being a problem. No that is not something that should be a problem at all. After all, my father and brothers seem to always forget to invite me when they want to go out. Which is a pretty normal thing. Should I have to converse beyond the not I can probably improvise a few other notes to give to said people. Hmm.. maybe I should work something in there about how I stopped paying attention before we even arrived.. however.. that is a lot of writing and things need to be short and sweet... I do not know.. just another thing that is on my mind that does not really matter because I am moving away.