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Adventures of Teddy!
The title is... misleading. These aren't actually MY adventures. (Well, there is one exception... split into three parts... I think you can figure it out.) These are mostly Fairy Tales, or how they happened in my books anyways.
A girl was walking through the forest, returning to her home from a walk. On the way back, she saw a rabbit. She bent down to pet it, and it hopped a step forward. She reached down to pet it again, and it jumped into her arms. When she tried to put it down, it would not let her. So, the girl took home the rabbit. When she got there, she made it a small bed of hay, and tried to feed it some carrots. However the rabbit would not eat. So, upon giving up, the girl went to bed.

The next day, after attempting (and failing) to feed the rabbit, the girl went out to buy some bread that the rabbit might eat. She overheard some gossip about how her neighbor's dog had disappeared. Fearing for her new rabbit's safety, she bought the bread and ran home. When she got there, she was relieved to find the rabbit still there. However, it still would not eat her bread. So she gave up all pursuits in feeding it. She set the bread next to it's bed of hay though, in case it decided to eat. At least then she's know it was eating...

The next day, after taking another walk, she heard more gossip about two of the farmer's cows dying. Apparently, they found some footprints of a small animal nearby. The girl ran home again to check on her rabbit, thankful that it was still there. So, she decided to take a nap after all of the running.

When she awoke from her nap, the rabbit was nowhere to be found. She looked all around the house, until she heard some screaming outside. She looked outside to see what the commotion was, and saw a man crying over the body of a dead animal. His wife, however, was holding the foot of a familiar white rabbit...

"Hey, that's my rabbit!" The girl cried, attempting to take it from the woman's grasp. But the woman shook her head. "This animal is a demon. It has been drinking the blood of all of the animals in town." She said. "That's not true!" The girl cried over and over again, but it was no use. All of the townspeople gathered that day to to witness the execution of the rabbit. However, just before it was killed, the rabbit coughed out all of the blood of it's victims, all over the audience. The rabbit, once beautiful and healthy, was now nothing more than a pile of bones and skin.

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