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On a remote island far away untouched by modern day technology is a civilization of people that have thrived there for many years. But never joining the outside world has its up and downs. The good thing is they have never had to worry about war and prices going up. The bad thing is the population was starting to decline. There weren't many people left on the island capable of having children. Until one day a wealthy man and his five friends were scouting out islands for a new resort. When the came a crossed Crimson Island, them men left the boat and talked with the elder of the village. The men came up with an agreement that they wouldn't tell anyone of the island as long as they could have access to the rare fruits on the island and in return they would give the island better funding so they could improve there way of life. As a way to seal the deal the six men decided to send three girls and three boys to marry three boys and girls from the island.
The wealthy men built a huge mansion at the top of the mountain on the island. It had everything that you could dream of, and soon it would be filled with six girls and six boys. Some would come from the island and others from the modern day city's.
Now it was up to the sons and daughters of both worlds to united both their peoples for ever and bring happiness and wealth to the island.