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This Role Play is based off of the Blood + Anime. If you are playing a character from the Anime please make sure you know the character so you can play them accordingly. I am allowing original characters as well. So if you dont think you can play one of the set people make your own. I do not expect this rp to follow the original story line to the letter. But we will be using some of the key points. What I want from this rp is to see more of the lives of each person before the final battle. And what the survivors lives are like after the final battle.

User ImageUser ImageSaya Otonashi seems like your typical high school girl. With one exception she has no memories about who she is. Her first memory is being adopted into the Miyagusuku family. Together with her new father George. And her two brothers Kai and Riku, Saya begins her new life. Until the fated night that Saya comes face to face with a chiropteran (a vampire like creature that survives on the blood of others.). Soon after her encounter Saya meets Haji, he tells her that she is the only one who can kill the chiropterans. But when she refuses to fight Haji forces her to drink some of his blood. As Saya stands up her eyes turn blood red and is handed a sword. Using her blood she is able to kill the chiropteran. Our story opens up one day later with Saya waking up in the hospital with her father by her bed side.

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