Topic One: Freeware, Free-to-Play and Shareware
First off, if you ever try to justify that "free-to-play" and "freeware" are the same thing, please note that you're a ********.
Secondly, if you think "free-to-play" and "shareware" are different, this is directed at you, too.

Here's a simple categorization:
Freeware: Download the full game legally without paying for it.
Free-to-play: Download an incomplete game and have to pay for the rest.
Shareware: Download an incomplete game and have to pay for the rest.

Does "shareware" sound like an evil premise in its own term? Yes; it's nothing but a demo. Of course, "free-to-play" sounds so much better, because the word "free" is used to captivate all the morons who can't think for themselves. That's why the manipulative corporate shrews decided to escape from this word and make something else that "sounds" good.

When someone mentions "freeware" and then suddenly they think "free-to-play" or thinks League of Legends is something to mention, it makes me want to smack a b***h. So, you made a demo of game; let's add some fancy workarounds and call it "free-to-play", because the demo is free, but not the game. Thanks for being part of the problem.

Next Topic: Genre Categorization
This was brought up by a sentiment spoken on this day that went like this, "It has shooting in a third person perspective, but it's not a Third Person Shooter, because it has unlimited ammo and the mechanics are different. It's more like a shoot-em-up." The game is called, what is it now, E.X. Troopers, a game listed as being a Third Person Shooter? So, wait, I've got a good example here. If there were to be a "shoot-em-up" game where the movement mechanics are physics based and the character has limited ammo, does that no longer make it a "shoot-em-up"? Sorry, but I'm not one of the ******** ******** "gamers" who came up with this ******** terminology.

Let's go back to the topic. This person called for "Japanese FPS/TPS". Immediately what happened is that a nuisance came along to point out that "Metal Gear Solid wasn't a FPS." No ******** s**t, Sherlock; it's a "Third Person Shooter" which was explained in the ******** title. The nuisance that can't read then proclaims, "My only point is that it's not a FPS." Try not to point out that no one implied that, at all, but it's labeled here as having both perspectives, and still it says "Shooter" as a category. Hm, decisions. Why did the nuisance do this? Well, it was to use the bias against FPS to behave like a typical fan-girl to separate it from the dreaded Call of Duty series.

There's a site about "Metroidvanias" that I'm not going to bother looking for. Here's where that is one of the biggest ******** s**t-bag categorizations I've ever encountered; not only because it's biased around a term created literally by a person with the brain of a 7-year-old on the internet, not only because the "gaming community" is too lazy to come up with a better term, but also because it now attempts to categorize everything based off the 3D games in the series as being "Metroidvanias", which includes The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Thanks to the "official" release of Metroid Prime and "primarily" Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, some genius thought it superb to now categorize everything 3D into it. Sadly, The Elder Scrolls series is considered a Metroidvania, now. Don't argue with anyone about it; play a passive aggressive s**t-bag and accept it; see what I care. The second they "officially" release a top-down Metroid game, I'll be sure to contact them to tell them that Sword of Mana is now a Metroidvania.

"Western RPG" and "Japanese RPG" are almost the absolute dumbest categorizations I've ever heard. These literally aren't even real to anyone with half a brain. This can't even be described properly, because instead of making it easier and making a sub-genre, this basically just makes a genre into a sub-genre and stereotypes s**t like a racist. Common arguments made are, "WRPGs suck" and "JRPGs suck". Basically, that's as intelligent as it gets. You see, they're mainly pseudo-categories. "WRPG" gets stereotyped as being -All- sandbox-styled RPGs, and "JRPG" gets stereotyped as being -All- random-encounter-based RPGs. You know those action-RPGs like the Mana series and even *hint-see-above-categorization-hint* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, those don't count as being either for some ridiculously retarded reason among these pinheads. Whoever made these two categories, please punch yourself in the mouth. I should probably also mention that "Western" implies America and Europe, but somehow "Japanese" includes Korea and China... Thanks, 'Murica; bright as always, I see.

This category ties in with the above, but is hands down the absolute dumbest one; "Console-style RPG". This is also beyond stupid, because what it does is exactly the same as the above; deciding that -All- RPGs in this category is based on the assumption that random-encounter-based RPGs were popularized on consoles. What is also moronic is that there isn't actually a "PC-style RPG" category to go with it. Sadly, it can't be stated that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a "Console-style RPG", despite that style also being popularized by, you guessed it, being on a console. Nope, the category is meant for, yup, "games with random encounters" only, but not other RPGs also popularized by being on a console. What is this bias about? Why is this so ******** hard for you to categorize properly? See how I just used "Random-Encounter-RPG"? Try using it; maybe you won't be so ********. In fact, stop trying to have a reason to cram the "Tales of" series into the category, come up with a new term for them, and go back to using "Turn-Based RPG" for the rest of them, because you were far more intelligent then.

Topic 2.5: WTF is Isometric?
Someone once asked to find a game that was once played and decided to call it "isometric". After looking through le list of isometric games, the game said person was looking for came up in the topic. It wasn't isometric; thanks for wasting my time. At the same time, I wondered just how moronic both the person who posted the thread and the person who replied with a game that wasn't actually isometric actually were. It was like, you best be thankful someone else besides you went full retard and posted something irrelevant to what you were asking for, s**t-for-brains.

Topic 3: Console Wars
This is when people decide it's in their best interest to b***h about how superior Corporate Overlord A's machine is in comparison to Corporate Overlord B's machine. This usually occurs while disregarding handhelds, phones (they don't count as handhelds) and computers due to elitism. Sorry, but just about all of those have one thing in common; they're all manufactured by Foxconn. Woooo!

Topic 4: Rarity
One thing is for certain; the PC wins this debate due to a lack of these arbitrary standards, but in reality, most of the people who disregard setting the standards are the same ones who set up this arbitrary standard in regards to consoles in the first place. One other thing is for certain, too; video games aren't "rare", love and acceptance is "rare", especially among these people.

It's of note that there are numerous online "rarity" guides; "rarity" not based on objective rarity in the grand scheme of things, oh no, but "rarity" in regards to corporate "officialism" released only in 'Murica. Oh wow, Pepsi Invaders for the Atari; let's collect it because corporately licensed for United States. It's also fairly known that the Japanese releases of these games aren't taken into much consideration, either, only those that crossed 'Murica's borders are inherently relevant to what makes something "rare". (Why don't you just get the cheaper Japanese version and grab the superior fan-translation of the script online? Oh wait, that's right, you like to brag to people about owning the "rare" one.)

There's a Chinese "pirate cart" called "Donkey Kong Country 4" on the Famicom. It's a decently made game. The amount of copies that exists is very likely to be objectively lower than say, that "rarest" GameCube basketball game. What do you think I'd rather have; an overpriced, piece of s**t game officially released in 'Murica or a decently made Famicom game with an objectively lower number of copies that won't cost $200 to obtain that also pisses off corporate's Copyright bullshit? Hint; it's not basketball; lol. Did they pay Chinese sweatshop workers to develop the "pirate cart"? Most likely, but somehow that's different than Nintendo endorsing the same Foxconn who had employees on the roof threatening mass suicide for wages in regards to an iPhone.

Aside from corporate's Copyright nonsense, note that the PC release of the majority of games also released on console prior to 2002 are also considerably rarer than the console counterpart; it's practically a known rule that no one bought them, ever. Note that if you find them, they'll always be listed on eBay or wherever with a price that's far less than the console version. There's not much of an actual demand for that shitty basketball game, so don't tell me that "supply and demand" is relevant, especially in regards to all the "rare" Atari games whose list of people "in demand" equates to 10.

Those game "kiosk" demos you only play in stores are objectively rarer than Suikoden 2. You won't pay more than $20 for them, either, yet their bullshit "demand" is equivalent to... what's that -other- Atari game called, again? See how much of a "demand" there is for them; I couldn't even name 2 of them without resorting to look at a list. You care about ******** Atari 2600 games? I don't; lest it be Spider Fighter or something that's actually decent... but I already have that, and it's like $1. You wanna know where those "kiosk" demos are? Well, you cared so much about preserving their objective rarity that you let all those stores crack the disc in half and throw it in their dumpsters. "One of the Rarest GameCube Prototypes Ever"... and how many demo discs have you thrown out? Those don't contain "prototype" game-play?

Topic 4.5: Obscurity and "Hidden Gems"
In order to understand where the arbitrary means of "rarity" comes from, you must understand the bullshit behavior around obscurity. The PC again wins this debate in the same way; the concept of "hidden gems" does not apply due to console elitism.

Let me describe what generally happens when I locate an "obscure" game and tell people about it:
1. If I find an obscure console game that I like, but someone else doesn't like it, they call me a "hipster".
2. If I find an obscure console game that I like, and someone else likes it, they call it a "hidden gem".
3. If I find an obscure PC game that I like, I get called a "hipster" regardless.

Mind you, around 7 years ago, "hipster" didn't really exist; it's just the current day's PC (politically correct) curse word which has no grounds for being relevant.

Of course, I should also mention that the behavior in regards to its cultural "obscurity" makes it only "obscure" so much as the amount of people who know about it. A game that is called a "hidden gem" by, let's say, 1 million people is not "hidden" anymore.

Also, due to physical-copy-only circle-jerking, the concept of obscurity doesn't translate well into the digital-only distribution methods, mainly because they can't wrap their bullshit concept of "rarity" around it anymore. That's one of the best parts about digital-only; that "oh-my-gawd, Nintendo only made 500 copies of this game; their gawdly hands and corporate licensing threshold hath graced the creation of this cartridge through endorsing Taiwanese workers with piss-poor wages to produce" system dilutes itself around the concept of it being able to be nigh-infinitely replicated by digital-means. I already beat that prototype of Earth Bound for the NES; you think I'm jealous you own that thing? Likewise, I never touched Pepsi Invaders; you can have it. I've been tempted to crack my copy of Phantasy Star Online I & II Plus in half on camera, just for you and the way you manipulated me into your "rarity" bullshit. Of course, I'm more tempted to sell it and make a 200% profit off of Sega's work without compensating the retards for any of it by putting it on eBay, so one of you mindless "rarity" drones can buy it off me; Topmost Lel.

Anyone else think there's less "official" copies of Touhou fan-games out there then the amount of said bullshit basketball game? They're mostly only sold at Comiket one day out the year... Naw, let's disregard objective "rarity" because corporate.

Topic 5: Vidya Gaem News
You know that thing about Foxconn? That's boring news. You know the bitching about game/console sales or that these game-making numbnuts are getting paid less? That's redundant news. What do people care about most? The second thing, and ********, a game got canceled!1!11! Holy-butt-sex-Batman, the release date got pushed back again!1!! Half-Life 3 Confirmed!!!11

It's one thing that they go for days and days and, ********, days discussing how some console is gonna die and go the way of Atari Jaguar, Dreamcast, Intellivision, Colecovision and the rest of the consoles with their manufacturers like the CD-i, but they act like they need to drag its body around and give it mouth-to-genitals resuscitation. "Breathe; don't die on me, shitty developers!!1" These are the people who tell me, "It's just a game", yet apparently it's the end of the world if something happens to -any- of them.

Topic ∞: A WinRAR is You
Yes you are. Now, let me get back to my regularly-scheduled internet piracy and other mundane s**t.
Maybe I'll put more here later, maybe I won't.