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Crap From The Cranium
Just some random Stories from my life, Poems, Short Stories I've written, and FanFictions.
Note: This story is incomplete. I'll post more when I write more.

"You go giving up your home, leaving all you've known. You are not alone."

These words, along with many more, are etched into my mind. The words circle my cold, empty brains, placing subtle hints that I need to move. That it'll get better, I just have to warm up. I can't stay in the dark, I have to find the light.
I move down off of the top of one of the many tables nestle under the gazebo in the local park. I'd been here many times before. I knew this place well, and could navigate it's pathways and the various equipment in the playground with ease, even on the darkest of nights. It brought me a sense of safety. It was where I met him.
The wind picked up as I walked. Pulling my hoodie tighter around my thin form, I drifted down the walkway of the gazebo, I continued walking straight, onto the grass until I stepped onto the hard, wooden barrier that enclosed the mulch into the playground.
From there, I walked at an angle, towards the back of the fenced in area. The swing set was meager, and In desperate need of repair. On the far right, a tireswing was held up by chains conected at two points, the third had long since broken. I smiled sadly, remembering when we broke it on one of our many late night visits.
Next to the tireswing, there were two three regular swings, and next to those, on the far left, two chains dangled dangerously from where another swing had once sat. I'd never seen it before, but I'd heard many stories about him and his friends coming here and hanging out after school.
School... that was another thing he enjoyed. Although, it paled in comparrison to his love for the run-down park. As far as he was concerned, this park was the most special place in the whole world. I guess that was for the best though, all things considering.
I made my way up the to swing farthest to the left, near the dangling chains. It was his favourite, and I'd never quite gotten out of the habit of leaving it empty. I removed a red ribbon from my pocket and carefully tied it to the chains of the swing. Having finished my task, I slunk down onto the swing next to his and began listing back and forth slowly. I had all the time in the world for this, and by god would I make it last.
The wind began whistling through the trees, creating a soft breeze. It was warmer now, and it had gotten lighter. The dark clouds threatening rain had finally moved from in frount of the moon and began clearing out. I couldn't stand the silence any longer, and drew my iPod from the pocket on my hoodie. Scanning through the songs, I picked something random and let the music flow through my headphones and into my ears, keeping me company as I waited.
I sat how we normally sat, facing backwards, towards the fence that closed in the playground. I sat there, and slowly picked up a little speed. I still wasn't moving fast, but the air rushing past me sent a slight chill through me. Luckily, I had brought my hat with me.

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