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The Protectors Book Ten: Madness: When Hunnie goes missing, everyone is left in utter shock, as they try and find her. Snow has stopped having nightmares, but when her parents bring home a treat from the store... She reacts in a way no one will see coming, And due to Hunnie's disappearance, Rex comes up with a way for her to cope as well... However the element of fire does't cope in a good way...

Hunnie padded down the road into town, where she was planning on meeting Snow and Wind. Rex would've been with her, but due to wanting to get some extra studying down for their up coming math test, she stayed at home to work.

It was Saturday though so Rexie had promised Hunnie she'd join the group later.

Anyways as Hunnie walked towards the cafe where Wind and Snow were, she stopped dead in her tracks when she felt someone watching her.

The Fox glanced around; All she saw was humans and Foxes going down sidewalks, along with cars driving up and down the busy streets.

Still... Hunnie felt watched. Even if everything seemed just fine from her eyes... Her mind seemed to think otherwise.

"Come on, Hunnie! You're fine. Just get to the Cafe," The Fox thought to herself, as she began to walk down the sidewalk some more.

But Hunnie wasn't fine... No not even okay. Because someone was indeed watching her, and following her...

At the cafe Snow and Wind were sitting at an outside table waiting for their friend.

"Ugh where's Hunnie!? She was supposed to be here half an hour ago," Snow muttered.

"It's not like her to be late either! Something must of happened," Wind added.

"Here I'll call Rex and see if she knows what's going on," Snow sighed, picking up her bag that sat on the ground.

Then Snow got her phone out, called Rex, and waited for her to answer.


"Rex do you know where Hunnie is?" Snow questioned.

"No she left the house an hour ago. She should've reached the Cafe by now..." Rex responded nervously.

"Well she didn't..." Snow said, as bad thoughts began to come into her head.

"Did you try calling her?" Rexie asked.

"No," Snow sighed.

"Okay try calling her and if she doesn't answer the phone, then call me okay?" Rex replied.

"Okay," Snow squeaked, before hanging up and trying to call Hunnie.

Sadly Hunnie did not pick up the phone, so Snow called Rexie with the news, who responded by leaving her studies for a while and headed out to the Cafe.

"Hey, girls!" Rexie barked, as she padded up to the table that Snow and Wind were sitting at.

"Hey," The Two sisters chirped in unison.

"We gotta do something! What if Hunnie's hurt!" Wind howled up.

"I agree," Snow responded.

"As do I. Come on let's search the town and see if we can find her," Rex said.

With that the three friends went all around Lake Ville, seeing if they could find Hunnie... However what they didn't know was that finding the missing Fox... Well that would harder than any of them thought.

"Uh my head..." Hunnue mumbled, as her eyes fluttered open.

The Element Of Earth then realized something very important... She wasn't home. In fact she didn't even remember taking a nap... As Hunnie glanced around the room, another bolt of realization hit her: She had no idea where she was. She was laying on a bed, but she wasn't tied up or anything.

Then suddenly Hunnie saw someone enter the room, the figure made it's way up to her, to where she knew exactly who it was.It was a human man. He had white hair, Green Eyed, a white T-Shirt, blue skinny jeans, and black shoes.

"Max..." Hunnie growled under her breath.

"How do you know my name!?" The Human asked in pure shock. "You've never seen me before either! So how do you know that..."

"Rex has told me about you before, explaining what ya look like, what your name is etc," Hunnie explained.

"Of course she did... That loud mouthed b***h," Max hissed.


"Ah, Hunnie! I can talk about her anyway I want!" Max laughed.

"You know my name...?" The Hunnie-Colored Fox gulped

"Why yes! After stalking Rexie for over a month I found out a lot about her friends, her family, and well... Just everything about her," Max smirked.

"You what!?" Hunnie yelped.

"That's right! I know all about her now! That's how I knew you'd be going to the Cafe. So I followed you and when you went through the park, to get to your destination I hid and when you were walking past me, I jumped out, grabbed ya, and then punched you, so you'd pass out! Max replied.

"Wait a minute... So you were planning on doing this?" Hunnie barked.

"Yep! For a while now too," Max responded.

"What about Kairi? She's going to find out about this somehow," Hunnie pointed out.

"No she won't. Because she's on a two week college trip for one of her classes! "And by the time she gets back I'll be done with you," Max said.

"Oh please! She may be a little stupid, but she's goin-"


"I'm a b***h? You're the b***h here!" Hunnie grumbled.

"Listen, Fox! You will do as I say and maybe in the end, I won't kill you like I'm planning on. So behave okay?" Max replied with hate in his voice.

"Fine..." Hunnie mumbled.

The day passed on and since they couldn't find their friend Rex, Snow, and Wind went to the police station and reported her missing.

Now with the cops on the look out for Hunnie as well, the three Foxes hoped that they'd find out what had happened to Hunnie.

Soon Rex had went back home, as Snow and Wind did the same. At Rexie's house everyone was talking about the missing friend.

"This isn't good! We took her in, we were supposed to look out for her!" Lois yelped.

"I know," Rexie sighed.

"Look don't worry ya two. I'm sure we'll find her. And if not us I know the cops will," Weezy spoke up.

"Yeah!" Leo added.

"I sure hope you're right, my brothers," Rexie replied.


That night Rex couldn't sleep... She stayed awake in bed thinking about Hunnie.

What had happened to her best friend? Was she okay?

Questions like these were going through Rexie's head, and it was making her feel as if she was going insane.

At Max's house Hunnie was beginning to emotionally fall apart. Night passed and she was still being held against her will.

The male human had been forcing her to have sex with him, and had been beating her up.

Hunnie had bruises all over her body, as well as feeling horrible from sex, which resulted in her crying for a bit when Max finally left the bedroom.

Max of course knowing that Hunnie may try to escape, locked the door behind him to make sure she wouldn't. And when the nasty human returned, he was more than ready to do more damage to his victim.

"No... Please not again," Hunne pleaded.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I just can't listen to you," Max said, as he grinned from ear to ear.

And so Max took off his jeans, and his boxers, climbed onto the bed, pinned Hunnie down, and well... Began to ******** her some more.

"Ah yes! Now doesn't that feel gooooooooood?" Max laughed.

Hunnie bit down on her lower lip to keep herself from moaning out in pain... She just wanted to go home, where she'd be safe.

As Max stopped ******** her, Hunnie let out a quiet sigh of relief under her breath. But not even five minutes later was she being beat again...

"I can't take this. I'll never be able to study now," Rexie growled to herself.

The teen-aged Fox was in her room, trying to focus on her work, but she just couldn't... She didn't even feel tired, despite not getting any sleep from the most current night.

"Ugh..." Rex mumbled. "I need something to help me, but what?"

Thinking about her choices of comfort food came mind, as well as taking a nice hot shower which always seemed to help her relax, but then there was also Degrassi which she loved to watch. That made her feel good too.

Rexie thought about possible comforts some more, and then came up with an idea. It wasn't one that she'd tried before... Granted she didn't think she'd ever consider doing it up until now. She felt so bad though that she felt it was necessary.

Besides other people used them to help cope with different things... So she could too.

"Here goes nothing," Rex thought, as she made her way downstairs.

This was going to be simple: Make sure no one saw her in the act and everything would be fine.

As she reached her destination, Rexie smiled when she saw no one was in the kitchen. And so the Fox made her way to the medicine cabinet, opened it, and took out the basket that held everyone's medication.Rexie took out a bottle which held some pills, that she took for anxiety Then Rex glanced towards the
entrance of the room to make sure no one was there, and then took three of her pills...

Meanwhile at Snow and Wind's house, the two sisters were able to study for their math exam, but the thoughts about Hunnie hadn't left their minds... Not even once.


The next morning at school, Rex seemed completely out of it... She fell asleep in every class, which meant she didn't pass the math exam, since she slept when she should've been working, when she walked she was very slow. That made other students in the halls quite angry. The teachers noticed Rex's behavior and
weren't happy about it. Snow and Wind became worried. Why was Rexie acting this way? She didn't look tired. Not one bit. If anything it looked like she'd slept just fine the night before...

Plus it wasn't like her to act this way. So something was definitely wrong.

When school was over for the day, Wind and Snow caught up with their friend to see if they could figure out, why she wasn't herself.

"Hey, Rex are you okay?" Wind asked.

"Y-Yeah..." Rexie replied.

"Um are you sure? You've seemed so out of it," Snow said.

"Yes I'm fure," Rexie replied, as she and her two friends walked out of school.

"Fure?" Wind and Snow questioned in unison.

"Sure!" I meant sure," Rex barked.

"Uh huh..." Wind added slowly.

"Look, Rexie whatever it is that's wrong, we can help ya get through! So what's up? Is it Hunnie? Were you up all night cause she's still missing?" Snow said. "I mean you do look like ya did, but your actions make it seem like you didn't,"

"I slept fine, Snow," Rexie growled.

"I don't believe you," Snow responded.

"Same here!" Wind chimed in.

"Look you two I slept fine, okay? Yes Hunnie is on my mind. I'm very worried about her, but seriously other than that I'm fine," Rex howled, as she stormed off down the street.

"Well... Damn," Wind squeaked.

"Something else is wrong... Wind she couldn't of slept fine last night, and be acting like that all day!" Snow yelped.

"I know, but I'm not sure how we can figure out what it is. She won't tell us," Wind said.

"I guess we'll just have to wait then," Snow muttered.

"Yeah, but come on let's head home. I wanna watch TV," Wind smirked.

"Alright," Snow replied, as she and and her began to make their way down the street.

A few hours later when Jule and Sammy arrived home, they had some groceries from the store with them.

In one bag there was a new kind of candy bar the family hadn't ever tried before.

And Snow had taken a very quick liking to it. But what no one knew was that soon she'd be obsessed with it... The flavor was peanut butter and white chocolate, which Snow had already loved before they were mixed together in a candy bar, so yeah she was really, really, really loving it.

The next day at school, Rex was acting exactly the same as the day before... She was yelled at in every class by the teachers, and even by students in the halls.

During lunch Rexie just slept at the lunch table, which left Snow and Wind eating in a very awkward silence, since they didn't know how to respond.

When school was over with that day, the two sisters tried to get words out of Rexie once more.

"What's going on, Girl!?" Wind howled in question.

"Nothing," Rexie hissed.

"Rex, we know something is up! It's more than just Hunnie... There's something else," Snow pointed out.


"Rexie..." Wind said. "Please tell us what's going on,"

"N-No!" Rexie cried, as she began to run down the street.

"Wait!" Wind pleaded.

"Wind, just let her go..." Snow sighed. "We're all upset over Hunnie, but I think it's affecting Rex the most. "And whatever else is going on, well let's just stop asking about it. Maybe in time she'll open up,"

"Okay," Wind responded. "Let's just head on home then,"

When Rex arrived home, she headed right into the kitchen where Leo and Weezy were chatting.

"Oh hey, Sis!" Leo greeted, when he noticed Rexie come into the room.

"H-Hey," Rex replied.

"How was school today?" Weezy asked.

"Yes how was it!?" Leo chirped.

"I-T was finn," Rexie managed to choke, as she sat down at the table.

Leo and Weezy glanced at each other nervously, then looked back at their sister.

"Um... Are you okay?" Leo questioned.


"Whoa there... Rex, calm down," Leo responded.

"Yeah, sis! We're sorry. We didn't realize we were upsetting you," Weezy added.

"Whatever..." Rex muttered, as she walked out of the kitchen, and as she did her brothers saw how slow she was moving.

"Okay I know she's upset over Hunnie, but... What the hell? She seemed so... Not like herself," Weezy barked.

"We'd better keep on eye on her," Leo said.

"I agree!" Weezy howled.

"Damn it I can't get my pills!" Rexie whimpered to herself, as she entered her room. "Oh well I'll just have to wait til later I guess,"


Meanwhile at Max's house, Hunnie felt as if she was going to die. She'd been forced to have sex every day, she'd been beaten up a lot, and she was only given something to eat once a day.

"I just wanna go home..." Hunnie said under her breath. "If only there was a way out of here..."

Then suddenly Hunnie glanced towards the window. It was locked, but that didn't mean it was over. After all windows are made of glass. Which can be broken pretty easily...

"I got it!" Hunnie howled out loud, jumping off the bed.

"This is perfect! Max isn't even home right now. Now then... What to use to break this thing open," Hunnie trailed off.

The Fox looked around the room and smiled when she realized, that the lamp that sat on the nightstand would work wonders.

And so Hunnie took the lamp, went over to the window, and then slammed it into the glass, which caused it break and shatter.

"This is awesome!" Hunnie cheered, as she completely broke the window. "Freedom here I come,"

After she was on the move, Hunnie went right to the police station to report Max. When the Fox walked into the building, she saw a sign on the wall which said 'Missing' With her picture by it.

"Um excuse me..." Hunnie said, approaching a police man.

"Yes how can I-" The Police Man suddenly stopped in mid sentence, when he realized who was he was talking to.

"Hunnie. The Element Of Earth. You're okay!"

"Yes, but I'm only okay because I escaped the house, where the man of kid-napped me lives," Hunnie said.

"Who kip-napped you?" The Police Man asked.

"Well his name is Max. I don't know what his last name is, but he lives on the road beside the park, in a red brick house. He has white hair, green eyes, he always wears black shoes, white-T-shirts, blue and blue skinny jeans," Hunnie explained.

"Ah I see. Well don't ya worry, young lady! We'll take care of him. But right now I think your family needs to know you're safe," The Police Man responded.

"I agree. Is there a phone I can use?" Hunnie added.




Wind suddenly felt a wave of happiness wash over her, as she smiled widely.

"We'll be right there!" Wind replied happily. Then the blue-furred Fox hung up the phone, and went to find her sister.

"Snow! Where are ya!? Rexie just called with the best news ever! Hunnie's back," Wind howled, running downstairs.

"SHE'S BACK!?" Snow yelped, coming out of the kitchen.

"She sure is! Come on," Wind chirped, padding towards the front door.

When the two sisters arrived at the station, Rex, Weezy, Leo, and Lois were all there with Hunnie.

"Oh my god!" Wind and Snow cried together, running up to their friend.

"We missed you sooo much!" Wind cried, as she and Snow hugged Hunnie tightly.

"I missed you two, as well," Hunnie smirked, hugging her friends back.


Then day went on, Hunnie returned home with Rex, Lois, Leo, and Weezy, while Snow and Wind headed back to their place.

So Hunnie was now safe, but that didn't mean that the drama was over.Cause more trouble was coming...

The next day, Max was brought to the police station.

Being rather angry about Hunnie escaping from his house, Max wasn't making the cops too happy with his attitude, but he did end up confessing to the crime of not only kid-napping Hunnie, but also beating her up, and forcing her into sexual intercourse, and then of course stalking Rexie so he could figure out how to hurt her.

Since this was done to The Elements Of Weather, the police sentenced Max to life in prison with no possibility of parole right away.

Happy and excited about the news, Hunnie was glad she'd have nothing to worry about. The Fox returned to school later that week, but Rex was still acting out of it... She'd still be super tired everyday, got in trouble for this at school, and well... At home her family was very concerned. No one knew what was wrong,but, soon they would find out.

Lois had made a doctor's appointment for her daughter, so when the time came to see what the problem was,they'd be ready!

Also Wind had noticed Snow was beginning to act differently, she'd go out by herself a lot, and then she'd spend time in the kitchen, when it wasn't appropriate for her to be in there. Like for example, she'd stay in there alone after dinner... She began to miss out of TV nights with the family, cause she was in the kitchen all the time.

Why was she always in the kitchen?... No one knew... But that didn't mean it was going to remain that way forever...

-End Of Book Ten-