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I RP in towns ... shoot me a message if you're interested! ^ ^
Kit (RP profile)

Notes: I RP this character in towns, but I could also do forum or PM's if you want. I know technically the ears and tail are supposed to be a cat's but I think they resemble a fox's, lol. So let's just assume that, please.

She was conjured by the one who referred to herself as "The Maker", used for simple tasks like general household chores. She served her creator happily and proudly. Unfortunately, her services were short-lived as she returned from an errand to find her creator severely wounded. Unable to do anything for her creator, she helplessly watched her pass on and fade away into nothingness, but not before being told to find a new purpose and happiness.

Through her traveling, she has encountered many people, though most had found her to be somewhat of a nuisance. Yet, there were those who took pity on her, or found her to be charming, inviting her into their homes for shelter or sustenance. At one point, she had a semi-permanent home with a timid elfish-woman in exchange for services ... though that situation did not work out so well in the end. However, she has been rather successful in romance, falling in love with an incubus. Though they might make an odd pair, they truly are happy together.

Recently, she had undergone a transformation of sorts, her once adolescent body now that of a young woman. At first, she had no memories of who she was or no knowledge of why her body had changed so drastically. However, she was visited by the remaining essence of her beloved creator, who told her that she had been bestowed with the magic that was used to create her in the first place.

Now the benefactor of this magic, she's slowly learning to become accustomed to it, so far only able to conjure items and clothing for herself ... but on occasion, there are some unfortunate outbursts she has no control over ...

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