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wanna learn about me?
There things no one knows about me.

-For starters i am really sensitive, people might say the smallest things as a tease but sometimes that really hurts me cause i take it as the person being mean and tears run down my face. especially when it comes from somebody who i really care about. For some reason when somebody mean to me i feel as they really don't care about you.

-Something i hate about my self is i can be really selfish. Its either that or i can also be greedy.

-I don't like shearing my feelings to anybody unless i am sure they care. And even sometimes i don't share my feelings at all cause i don't want to bother anyone.

-I am extremely shy, i hate it. i want to be that one person to say something funny outloud for everyone to laugh. I can be funny but only to the ones who i think i can be who ever i want with.

-i like making people happy with funny words and jokes i love making people forget about thier troubles.

-Sometimes i am extra goofy when i am really sad. cause i have no other way to express my self when my emotions are every where.

-When i babble its cause i want your attention to have a conversation.

-i worry to much

- I hate lairs. NEVER lie to me. if u done somthing that might upset me tell me dont lie about it. i can always forgive u if u do. But if u lie and i know the truth then forget about it. ill most likely never trust you ever again might even end a relationship.

- I love when people complement me especially when its from a stranger cause then i know that its true.

*sometimes i dont take complements probably cause i know i don't look pretty the particular day.

- i am not the jealous type,BUT only time i will get jealous would be if i were trying to get your attention, but somebody else has it and no matter how much i try ur attention is on something else...(i'll end up feeling that somebody important and i am just boring.)

-I hate the idea of being alone.

-I hate getting people mad or upset..i panic and worry and freak out.
~reasons i say sorry way to much

and there more that i still need to learn bout my self...