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A tv got turned on as it showed a cartoon of three pigs running away from a wolf, Brendan sighed as he switched the channel to another one, the news channel.
Diana was in her room in the apartment and was about to pack her things, she pulled a bag up and started to pack in things like a butcher knife, candles, and other stuff. "This will do." she said and smirked and then got out to Brendan. "let's go, we can't wait here, they'll be here soon." Diana said and left the apartment with Brendan and got into the car and drove off.

In the factory, a war between the heroes and the infected still went on, Nightwing threw people from left to right, Batwoman did the same while Zatanna tried to maintain them in a magic cage, Batman did all in his power now to hurt one, he knew they were innocent to begin first, and he knew they could get saved if this was all over.
"Let's run...now, I can't hold the cage...locked up!.." Zatanna struggled and tried to focus on the magic barrier.
"NOW!" Batman yelled out as the heroes ran away from the factory, the magic barrier didn't hold out for long, soon the infected ripped the cage apart and tried to look for them, but noone was seen.

Back at the Batcave, Batman had a small bruise near his jaw, Zatanna was bleeding a bit from her head, and Nightwing and Batwoman was a bit injured. "Damn they hit hard when they can't bite.." Nightwing said and held his rib.
Zatanna turned to Batman. "What are we going to do?..Whatever that is baking in her oven is gonna crawl out soon, and goddess knows what it will do." she was worried, Batman could tell.
"I..I have to save her." Batman said and stood up slowly and got over to a metal cabinet.
"You can't Batman..I am sorry, but she's..she's not there anymore, Diana is not there anymore." Zatanna said and looked a bit sad at Batman.
"I know.." Batman said quietly and brought out a katana that extended it's blade with a button on the handle, he turned around to Zatanna. "That's why I have to save her, I don't belive in the magics..but her soul is in torment."
"You gonna kill her.." Zatanna said, a bit shockingly.

Diana and Brendan was driving in the car. "Do you know a good location to hide?" Diana asked.
"Yeah...well, I think so.." Brendan took a turn and then stopped by a hotel, they got out of the car. "Let's help Lisa.." Diana said and opened the trunk. "She's unconscious..that's good, she will not infect us." she smiled a bit.
"What if she wakes up?" Brendan lifted her up and entered the hotel. "Then we will have to cleanse her from all the evil." Diana grinned behind Brendan, they entered a large common room and sat down infront of the fireplace, Diana brought up cuffs and handed it over to Brendan. "Cuff her up, we don't want her to escape, I want to save her." She said and looked down at Lisa, Brendan looked a bit worried and sighed, he dragged Lisa across the floor and placed her down in a broom closet, he closed the door behind him and went back to the living room.
"So what now?.." Brendan said. "By the way..why did we have to leave our apartment?" he asked curiously.
"That's because the infected can break into homes, I don't want our baby to be in danger when infected crazy people are running around the city." Diana said and stood up. "And why don't you go and guard the door? she can run away you know." Diana sighed and rubbed her large pregnant stomach.
Brendan nodded and went back to the broom closet, he opened it and sat down next to Lisa.
5 minutes went, Diana lighted up a fire in the fireplace so it would become warm in the old hotel.
Lisa started to wake up and hold her head. "Ah...My head." she said and then raised up quickly, Brendan got up aswell. "Brendan!..Oh my god, Brendan..we have to get out of here..Diana is a crazy, she's gonna kill me...she hit me..and an.." Lisa got interrupted by Brendan that said. "Yeah, Diana said that you were infected, so she had to hit you.." Brendan looked down a bit sad. "No..I promise you, I am not infected..please..please save me, help me please Brendan.."
"Diana said there was nothing we could do..I am so sorry Lisa..I am sorry that you are infected and you are lying to me right now..I am so sorry.." Brendan burst out in tears and looked down at Lisa that looked scared. "You have to die..You have to ******** DIE!.." Brendan yelled out as Lisa yelped out and threw a kick into Brendan's crotch, Brendan growled in pain and fell down on his knees while Lisa passed him and got out from the closet, she then saw Diana standing there, smirking. "And where do you think your going?..Little piggy." Diana grinned while Lisa held her mouth and backed away and then ran away, then down a corridor, Brendan got up and ran after her.
A hand grabbed Lisa by the throat and Diana pulled her in. "There you are, you little b***h." Diana said with her dark voice, Brendan yelled out. "Lisa, where are you?!"
"She's here." Diana got out from the room and in the corridor, Brendan saw Diana holding Lisa by the throat with a knife. "We have to do it..this way." Diana dragged Lisa back to the living room, throwing her on the floor. "Come closer, and listen closely..I want her blood to touch my pregnant stomach..can you do that for me?.." Diana said and held Lisa down on the floor. "Why?.." Brendan asked.
"I thought you were gonna do anything for our baby..or maybe you don't want it to get born?..you probably want it to die instead.." Diana said and grabbed the knife and pointed it at her pregnant belly, Brendan gasped a bit and nodded. "Wait, wait..I'll do it!.."
Lisa cried and screamed. "Please don't do this..Brendan..Diana?.."
Diana grabbed a butcher knife and slashed it right across the neck and down Lisa's torso, the blood splattered on the wall, on Brendan's emotionless face, and on Diana's face that was grinning.
"See?..That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Diana sighed a bit and then fell down on the floor and started to pant. "Oh my goddess..do it Brendan..give her pure blood to my baby...give it to me.." Diana lifted her dress up and showed her stomach that was large and crawling with something.
Brendan pressed his hand down on Lisa's torso that was gushing out blood, his handprint was covered in blood, he was about to plant it on her belly, until the door got kicked in and Batman stood there, ready with the katana in his hand. "Am I late to the party?"

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