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The Trials of Furaos the Passionate Warrior
A log of my adventures, trials, hardships, and life.
possible new weapon designs in the future
Neo Fang of Fenrir: a sword forged by Jin Daimond through using his smithing skill, celestilite, and his exceed all together to combine Kevin's 3 swords to form a single magical blade after his white fang was damaged because it was made from a nearly 1 of a kind material Jin names Fenririum, but because Kevin's blood was used to bond the blades it is slightly less sharp than before while giving him a stronger bond to the sword. The special abilities of this blade are 1: form changing according to Kevin's will by strengthening his connection to the blade by combining his blood and a celestilite into the sword's blade, 2: changing size and shape to best suit him depending on his form, and 3: rapid form changing that takes less than a second to go from one form to the next but it isn't instantaneous it is only as fast as Kevin's mind and body. The entire sword, even the handle and guard is composed of Fenririum
the swords different forms are as follows:
1: single sword mode - an appearance similar to that of the white fang only with gems in the blade and a red line along the edge
2: dual sword mode - while having both hands on the handle he can split the sword into 2 swords that look like the black fangs except their edges are black
3: great sword mode - the sword increases in size and changes shape so that there is no handguard and becomes a double edged sword, appearance is to be decided
4: Ookami or Element Booster mode- the sword becomes serrated with vents in the back designed to use Kevin's wind element to accelerate the slashes. this form is meant to compensate for the Ookami form's lack of physical strength and speed
5: mega sword mode- the sword takes a strange appearance where it grows two blades connected by a bar a foot apart from each other so that Kevin can perform Spirit Blade and Essence Wave techniques more easily and even with one hand
6: Ultimate Spirit Blade mode- this mode is meant for the future when Kevin masters and strengthens his Spirit Blade technique, this form has 1 blade but 2 edges that are 2cm apart from each other side by side where Kevin's chakra will come out all along the sword and it's exterior to form a pure chakra sword like none other.
7: Knight mode- Kevin places his hand on the blade of the sword and some of the pressurized metal that the sword is composed of comes out and changes shape to form a small forearm shield that is also a blade.
8: Spear mode- similar Ultimate Spirit Blade mode except that the handle is extended to turn it into a spear of sorts.
9: Beast mode: The sword changes to become claws that attach to Kevin's gauntlets so that they become claws that are flexible, as well as blades the attach to Kevin's feet and legs that change shape depending on the form he is in.
*there are more hidden forms for the future, really though I had some but forgot after falling asleep
Mode B: all the forms only with dulled edges so Kevin can spar using all of the forms without holding back.
Initially upon creation the Neo Fang of Fenrir's enchantments are: dual sword mode and size changing to match Kevin according to his form. From there for every celestilite crystal the size of a baseball or a proper alternative enchantment material added to the sword it will gain one form or ability

high rotation ax kick


Fenririum- a special magically made metal made by melting down several metals, gems, and mystical and powerful materials such as dragon bones and scales, phoenix feathers and tears, basilisk venom, demon wolf fangs, and fusing them in massive quantities to form a single material and then using magic to force it to become compressed to become 20 times denser, this also causes the metal to be enchanted with the ability to change size to fit the wielder once forged into a shape whether it is a sword or armor or something else. If the magic is built up it can also be caused to consciously controlled and made to change form to match each enchantment.

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