Ello everyone! Well here's the 9th book of the protectors series!c: I had a lot of fun with this one! owo So yeah enjoy.

Warning: Story is rated M for mature.

The Protectors Book Nine: Unconditionally: Max continues to stalk Rex, which soon gives the human an idea of how to hurt her. Snow is still struggling with the events of the school shooting, even though the place is now back to normal. Which means it's up to Wind to help her sister. And when a new threat attacks Starlight... Not only does it bring great shock to the protectors, but they also learn something new about
the princess as they try to save the day. Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Family.

"And so who can tell me what 90-12 is?"

"Oh I do! I do!" Wind barked in response.

"Alright then, Missy! Answer away," Miss Numberness smirked.

"78. 90-12 equals 78," The Blue-Furred Fox said.

"Very good, Wind!" Miss Numberness cheered.

The element of air smiled and blushed lightly, at the teacher's words. It was really nice to finally be getting the hang of the math, that was class was currently studying. It was a hard subject after all.


After school was over the four foxes headed on home. Due to everything that had been going on recently, the group wanted to break away from one another and just have some personal time.

Snow was planning on getting some time to herself by reading book in the back yard, Wind would get her

personal time by watching some TV in the living room since Jule and Sammy wouldn't be home from their jobs until Six.

And as for Hunnie and Rexie they had decided on one of them taking the bedroom for a bit, while the other

one hung out outside and just do whatever they wanted.

What the friends were going through wasn't easy... All of them felt a little bit depressed. I mean how could they not? So much had happened... In such a sort amount of time.

It had almost been like a lightning storm to them.

But what the Foxes didn't know was that the storm was just taking a break... Cause soon more lightning would flash across the sky... Like never before.

That night Snow was sleeping Wind. The two sisters were snuggled up together, Wind held Snow tightly to try and give her some comfort, due to the nightmares she'd been suffering from.

"N-NO! PLEASE STOP!" The White-Furred Fox pleaded, waking up with tears in her eyes.

"Shhh. Shhh it's okay," Wind said softly, kissing the feared Fox on the forehead.

"Wind the shooter had me! He was using the sex toy on me..." Snow managed to choke out, before breaking into a sobbing fit.

"I know you're scared, but I'm here holding you. And I will let nothing hurt you. I promise," Wind added.

"Thanks," Snow replied, as she began to calm down.

"No problem! Now come on go back to sleep, we've got school in the morning," The Element Of Air smirked.

"O-Okay..." The Element Of Water responded, as she closed her eyes.

Wind let out a low-toned sigh. She was really worried about Snow... The nightmares had been going on for over two weeks now.

But knowing that she too needed rest, Wind closed her eyes and went back to dreamland.

A few hours later Wind awoke, as she heard banging coming from downstairs.

The Blue-Furred Fox got out of bed quickly, while Snow being an insanely heavy sleeper did not even respond to the noise.

"I sure hope no one's trying to break in," Wind thought, padding down to the lower level of the house.

As she got downstairs, Wind realized the sound was coming from the front door... So she carefully walked up to it, but of course not knowing what to do next the Kitsune just stood there.

The banging from the other side of the door did not stop.

Someone was at the house for a purpose... A real good purpose.

Then Wind gulped as she knew she needed to do; Find out who it was that had woken her up in the middle of the night.

"Who's there!?" Wind asked in a loud voice.

The banging died down after the Fox's voice rung out.

After that a response came.

"It's Rexie and Hunnie!"

Upon hearing her friend's voices, Wind sighed in relief unlocked, and opened the door.

"You could've just called me..." Wind growled.

"We tried! But your phone went right to voice mail, so we called Snow... But she didn't answer," Hunnie explained.

"Oh... Yeah she's a very heavy sleeper. Just like my parents," Wind said.

"I was wondering why they hadn't woken up," Rexie added.

"But anyways we're here cause the princess had one of her guards travel to my brother's house to alert us, that we are needed at the castle right away. Some sort of dangerous threat that needs to be dealt with," Hunnie barked up.

"Well if it can't wait until the sun is out then it must be important, I'll go wake my parents to let them know what's going on. Could you two get Snow up for me?" Wind responded.

"Yeah we'll get her up!" Rexie chirped.

"Thanks!" Wind howled, as she headed upstairs with her two friends following close behind.


Once Jule and Sammy were told that their daughters were going to be away for a while, and Snow was woken up the elements of weather headed for the train station, and from there traveled to the Princess's home to once again help in anyway they could.

When Wind, Snow, Hunnie, and Rex arrived at the castle, they had their elements on just in case... After all it wasn't every day that the ruler of their land, called them into duty at such an hour.

"Hello, My dear protectors," The Princess greeted outside of her home. "I'm so sorry I had to wake all of you, but I'm afraid that the kingdom could be in very real danger. Come inside I shall explain," The Ruler said, turning to open the doors of the castle.

And with that the Foxes entered the building. The Princess led the elements of weather to a private room, where no guards or maids were what so ever.

"Okay... So the other day I received a letter. It was from a Fox named Abby that lives in Cinder Valley.

You see fifteen years back there was this guard named Terra. He and I took a liking to each other, we ended up dating, but then one night things went a bit too far and well... A few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. Upon hearing the news, Terra quit his job and left the castle. He's never been back since... Anyways so when I gave birth to my child who happened to be a little lady, I sent her away to a married couple that couldn't have one of their own. They promised to look after her, love her as if she was their very own. I told them that if they wanted one day they could tell the little angel the truth. That they weren't her real parents, and who was... It seems that this has occurred. The letter I received was from Abby... My daughter," The Princess explained.

"W-Wait... So you have a child? A real life child!?" Wind said with shock all over her face.

"That's right," The Crowned Fox replied. "This is why I've called you all here. She threatened me in the letter. Said she was coming here to the castle with a group strong enough to kill the guards... So that she could get her revenge on me. I don't how long It'll take her to get here. I wanted to get you all here yesterday, but I needed a day to process everything. So what I would like you four to do is simple: Be ready to fight Abby. If she and her group can take out the guards... Then the elements are our only hope,"

"Don't ya worry, Princess! We'll use these bad boys if we have to!" Hunnie howled.

"Indeed!" Hunnie, Rexie, and Wind all said in unison.

"Thank you kindly my dears!" The Princess responded.

Then the protectors waited with their ruler to see when Abby would reach the castle, cause when she did that meant that war was going to begin.

When morning came around Abby reached the castle, along with her group of male Foxes that had very advanced weapons.

Hunnie, Rexie, Wind, and Snow were all with the Princess waiting right by the Castle's front doors. The

guards stood outside all around the building, so they could try and stop Abby from getting her revenge.

"I sure hope the guards are able to do their job," The Princess said, as she began to pace back and forth.

"Don't worry your highness, they're trained fighters! I'm sure they'll be just fine," Hunnie squeaked.

"I sure hope you're right," The Ruler sighed in response.

But then the sound of gun shots roared out through the air, followed by loud screams, and crying...

Hearing all of this from inside, The Princess began to get a very bad feeling.

Then there was the sound of loud voices from outside, who were pleading for their life... Begging to not be killed.

A few minutes passed... And then the castle doors opened. Abby and her group which were made up of all different gangs across Starlight entered the room, with weapons that up until that very moment, not even the Princess had seen anyone expect the police carry.

"Hello, Mother," Abby hissed sharply.

"Hello, Abby," The Princess replied.

"My friends and I are here to make you suffer..." Abby growled, as her group surrounded the ruler, and the Four other Foxes.

"I see you've got the elements here. Too bad they won't be able to help you!" Abby roared.

Hunnie, Rexie, Wind, Snow, and The Princess were petrified, as some sort of taser weapon was raised towards them.

It was only a few more moments before everything went black...

"Uh... W-What happened?" Wind muttered, as her eyes opened.

"Us being defeated that's what," Rex snarled.

The Blue-Furred Fox then glanced around to see that she, Rexie, Wind, Hunnie, and Princess were all chained to a pole inside the castle.

Abby and her group were there talking to one another about their plans. They knew exactly what to do with their victims... After all Abby had bought the 'toys' for the little play date a few weeks before sending the letter. Abby's idea of making her Mom suffer had been in her head for a while.

Abby did not look much like the ruler of Starlight at all. She was very, very tall almost four feet tall, which was her mother's height, other than that though... Well nothing. The rest of her looks came from her dad. Black fur, a short tail, and light blue eyes.

"Alright, Ladies! It's time to have some fun," Abby giggled, walking up to her prisoners.

"Abby, just let us go!" The Princess growled.

"Sorry I can't do that!" Abby smirked, as one of her group members brought forth a bag, and set it down right in front of her.

"In here I've got lots of Sex Toys! I will make you all suffer!" Abby laughed, taking out the tools so that her victims could see them.

"No... Oh god No," Snow whimpered, seeing the a**l Vibrator. The exact same sex toy used on her by the shooter.

Wind looked at Snow with a look of concern. She knew this wasn't going to be pretty.

"Abby, either you put those Sex Toys down or we'll use our magic on you, and your little friends!" The Princess snapped.

"Oh no you won't! Cause my pals here will shoot your Protectors if you even try. I already had all your guards murdered... So don't think I can't kill these young ladies. And even if they did manage to be killed by using magic, I took the elements for myself! So it would be useless to try," Abby purred.

Then the ruler became quiet, cause Abby was right. She didn't want the the only living beings that could weld the elements to die. After all they were the kingdom's only hope now, but without the elements in their paws, the Princess knew there wasn't anything they could do.

"Okay then, Abby. You win," The Ruler said.


The Sex toys that were used on the Princess, and the protectors were all different kinds, some used for only a certain type of sex, others could be used in anyway they wanted to be. The toys used were: Ben Wa balls, a Kegel exerciser, a horseshoe, double penetration d***o, A d***o, a**l Beads, and of course an a**l Vibrator

But using Sex Toys wasn't the only thing that happened. Nope not a chance.

Because as soon as Abby felt everyone had a full experience with the toys, she moved on to the next step in her plan... Have one of her friends rape her mother... And they were all male too which meant the possibility of making the crowned Kitsune pregnant.

So one of Abby's friends went over to the Princess, had her unchained, laid her on the ground... And then the sex began.

"Oh yeah this is good!" The Male Fox cheered, as he humped the ruler.

"Stop! Please I can't take it!" The Princess Of Peace yelped, not wanting to feel herself getting ******** anymore.

"Too bad! I'ma do ya real good!" The Male Fox replied, as he kept humping the Princess over and over again.

Once ******** the Princess was done with, Abby had her friends change the ruler back up.

And despite it being the middle of the day, the young Fox allowed her team to sleep since they hadn't been able to rest the night before.

Abby laid down for a nap too. She knew that there was no way her mom, or the elements of weather would escape.


About one hour later, Snow, Hunnie, and Rex had all fallen asleep, but Wind and the Fox ruler were still awake.

"Psst, Wind!"

"Yes, Princess?" The Blue-Furred Fox replied quietly, making sure not to wake their enemies who were sleeping across the room.

"We need to defeat Abby and her friends. Use your magic to take chains off of us, Then go over there by

Abby's back. She probably put the elements in there," The Princess Of Peace said.

"Okay," Wind responded, as she then used her magic to do what her ruler had wanted to, which freed herself, the princess, her sister, and her friends.

"Alright I'll go get the elements! Wake Snow, Hunnie, and Rexie," Wind whispered to the Crowned Fox, before she began to make her way over to Abby's bag.

"Snow, Rex, Hunnie!" The Princess howled in a low-toned voice.

"Huh?" The three Foxes yawned in unison.

"Wind got the chains off of us, she's getting the elements so we can end this. Now get up so you're ready to save the day," The Ruler yelped.

"Oh it feels so good to stand again!" Rexie barked quietly.

"Same here," Hunnie chirped, with Snow nodding in agreement.

Then the group set their attention on Wind, who was quietly coming up on Abby's bag.

The element of Air used her magic to open the bag, and then peeked inside so see the magic necklaces.

"Perfect!" Wind cheered under her breath, as she then magically levitated the elements into the air, and then tip-toed her way back to the others.

"Here you are," Wind said, padding up to Snow, Hunnie, and Rex.

"Thank you, Sis!" Snow howled, as she put her element on.

"No problem," Wind responded.

Then Wind, Rex, and Hunnie all put their little charms on. So now they were ready for battle!

"Protectors formation now!" The Princess ordered in a whisper.

With that the Protectors did as they were told, which led them being magically being raised into the air, followed by a loud clash of rainbow that appeared in the air, and headed right for the evil group of Foxes.

Abby's eyes opened just as she saw the rainbow coming her way.

"EVERYONE RUN!" Abby yelled.

But it was too late... The evil Fox's friends woke right before they were hit...

The whole group of Male Foxes and Abby included were turned to ash.

Rexie, Hunnie, Wind, and Snow were all brought back down to the floor where they all let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank god that's over," Wind muttered.

"I know right?!" Snow replied.

"Are you okay, Princess?" Hunnie questioned, looking at the tall ruler who was looking at the floor.

"Yeah. I'm fine," The Princess responded. "Why don't you four head on home now. The deed is done, thanks for helping,"

"You are very welcome your highness," Hunnie said, as she began to led the others out of the castle.

Three weeks passed, the princess got new guards to protect her home, she took a pregnancy test to make sure she wasn't pregnant. And thank goodness she ended up not carrying another child... The ruler knew she wouldn't of been able to handle that. The ruler also learned that Abby and her friends had gotten the weapons they used from police stations, so the cops were happy to have finally figured out what had happened to them.

Back in Lake Ville things went back to normal. School, studying, chores, and just regular activities. Snow still had nightmares though. Even more so since the events at the castle.

And the danger wasn't completely gone. Max would still stalk Rexie... To the point where he had an idea of just how much he could hurt her.

He would put his plan into action when Kairi went away for a trip, that her college was paying for It .

was for one of her classes. She'd leave with her friends in three days time. So that was when Max would strike...

---End Of Book Nine---