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Meditative analysis of the Fallibility of Humanity, Act: III
Where I reinforce my apparent apathy with irreverent, unexplained sarcasm, a maze of near-unintelligible adverbs and adjectives, and a plethora of irrelevance, animosity, and complete disregard for any readers' sanity, self-esteem, or will to live.
I relly relly relly want a skinny latte
I don't like whole milk. It's like low-fat creamer. I'm used to skim milk. 2% tastes rich to me.

Whole milk goes better in coffee, however. BUT WHEN I WANT A LATTE...

There was a spice-girls reference in here. I almost liked them until they made a relatively definitive sexual reference. "If you wanna ******** me, first you gotta sleep with my friends..."

I'm kidding, but I still hate that song. It's funny how child-hood impressions stick around like that, especially unspoken ones. Or maybe it's just my freaky memory.

Speaking of mammaries, my cousin had a baby. She has back and heart problems, so she had a c-section and all was well. Lucky little bugger didn't have to suffer. He just had to hatch out of mamma's belly and then get wrapped up without all the fuss.

Sure, it's scary, but there's no chance of forceps. I read an article that a doctor randomly used forceps in a birth that was otherwise going fine, and he ended up decapitating the baby.

Again, lucky little bugger. smilies/wahmbulance.gif

edit: I just realized Tornhloke/Wormwood has no eye-pupils, when it should be the other way around - no discernible irises, ergo a 'ping-pong ball' appearance.

He's not scary, he just looks that way. Calla on the other hand...well it ain't jaundice. She's just.....uh, shiny. smilies/icon_rofl.gif

Ow. Damned neck is killing me. smilies/icon_gonk.gif

editedit: human eyes with discernible pupils are hard to find. smilies/icon_mad.gif

Rinn Lothron
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