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my diary ~
Day 189: Another Universe
Today I learned about a theory called "the multiverse". It didn't make much sense to me at first but I think I understand it now. It's based on the principle that there are parallel universes. Somewhere out there, there's a universe just like this one, with the same people, like you and me, but nothing is the same. And that's not the only universe, but there's plenty more, with different events in each one. Maybe in one universe, you made friends with an enemy you have in this one, and in another, you might have decided to follow the wrong crowd which lead up to your parallel self's death, or perhaps in another one, your mother gave you away to a stranger and you were adopted.

I keep looking up at the sky and the stars, thinking. Somewhere very very far away, further away than those distant stars, is a world where things are different for me, and for everyone else too. Maybe somewhere very far away there's a world where me and my friends are happy together again, where the world is a peaceful place and wars don't happen, where I'm not suppressing my emotions and feel happy instead of collected nothing.

I wish I could reach for these worlds. I want to visit them all and see myself differently. I want to travel to all of them, and leave this one far behind.

I have this feeling something awfully bad is going to happen soon, but I don't know what it is. Doom always comes, though. War, violence, hatred.. human beings are all the same. I wonder, if humans are really all the same, then does that mean in those other worlds, there is still cruelty and rampage?

Hatred gives birth to killing. Killing gives way to bloodshed-- and bloodshed only leads to greater bloodshed. And before you know it, you have carved out rivers of blood upon the Earth. It's disgusting, but it's the way of humanity.

I want to travel far, far away from this world-- to another, where people are happy and live in peace. I want to live in a brighter world.

This is the wrong timeline.


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