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Phoebe's Journal

Phoebe Majere
Community Member
WoW Idea
Five people, take down Deathwing? Go after the Lich King? Need some more info on all that first. Anyways...
If we're doing it from the alliance perspective:
Tank: worgen warrior (prot)
Healer: human priest (holy)
Dps: night elf druid (feral)
Dps: draenei mage (arcane?)
Dps: gnome rogue
If we're doing it from the horde perspective:
Tank: tauren warrior (prot)
Healer: orc shaman (resto)
Dps: blood elf hunter (survival)
Dps: undead rogue/warlock (sub/demon)
Dps: troll druid (moonkin?)
Alliance romances:
Tank and healer - cute
Tank and druid - fight all the time over dominance
Mage and healer - connection through magic?
Horde romances:
Tank and druid - fight all the time over domiance
Healer and druid - same clan; love for magic and nature
Undead and hunter - maybe a reminder of past love

Now to actually start....a heat of the moment scene:
(Worgen rogue male x Draenei mage female)

He jumped amongst the boughs lithely, moving like the wind; only a rustle in the leaves. His dark fur was flattened, so quickly he ran, stopping only for a moment when he sniffed the air. Something was amiss...a new smell. What could it be? The worgen hung from the branch to see the surroundings below, spotting a figure in the distance. He sniffed the air with a caution only a predator could possess. Through the trees he leapt again, stopping a tree away from the stranger.

Before him, was a lone draenei. Something he had not actually seen in quite some time. She was humming quietly to herself as she plucked the Silverleaf and placed the leaves into her already bulging bag. Her near-white hair draped down the front of her forehead, almost covering one lightly glowing eye, and was tucked behind two largely curved horns; they could only be described as ram-like. But, in her own alien way, she was attractive. There was an air of crackling mysticism around her, almost as if the very fabrics of magic were at her will. A mage. A user of the arcane. He would have to tread carefully.

He moulded into the darkness, as stealthy as old age that creeps upon the humans of Stormwind ((might not keep that part in, find another option?)). The wolf-hybrid dropped from the trees with hardly a sound and crept towards the unsuspecting magic-user. As he neared her, he was very aware of her scent: an electric flower, if that could sum it up in any way. So distracted by it, that he didn't realize he had gotten too close when she suddenly jumped up and threw her hand to the sky, causing the area around her to flash in a bright brilliance of light. He had been exposed.

The blue female pulled her staff from behind her back and swung it forward to bring herself into a defensive position. "Who are you? Why are you sneaking?" she asked, her voice a commanding baritone. "Speak, dog!" Her brows furrowed in anger and apprehension; she'd never seen a creature like this before. What was he even?

(Worgen warrior x Night Elf druid)

They sat on either side of the camp, far away from each other. Each looking into their small of the fire that separated them. "I can't believe I'm stuck out here with a..." she shivered, "worgen." The night elf almost spat the word out. They were disgusting creatures, smelled like wet dog all the time. "It's bad enough to have to be partnered for this already easy quest, but to add that you're a Gilnean."

"Excuse me? What do you have against worgen? You're a druid! That's almost as bad!" he countered, resting his elbow on one knee as he raised his eyes to meet hers. What a b***h!

"Don't even get me started on your druids!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands up in exasperation.

A soft growl escaped the human lips that the worgen took in that particular moment. He mustn't lose his temper; that'll only elevate things; he didn't want to hurt her. "Enough, I'm in no mood for your games," he said and threw her a death glare. "I can save you from soldiers, but I cannot save you from myself."

"I had that situation completely under control!" she shouted at him, jumping to her feet in defiance. How dare he!? Who did he think he was? Chastising her like that? Her...her...her father! I don't think so!

"You were running for your life!" the warrior was on his feet then, too, spittle coming from the corner of his lips. He was beginning to get angry. He could feel the muscles in his body begin to spasm, and his skin began to itch as the hair began to grow in. He couldn't hold it back much longer. And who knew what would happen? The rage would just keep building until there was nothing left to anger him.

"I had a trap all along," she said and turned her head away from him, crossing her arms over her chest. "And you ruined everything."

"You...serious? Argh..." he grunted, just before letting out a scream. He was swallowed in smoke as the scream evolved into a howl, and standing in his stead was the body of a jet black wolf-man. "You useless little ingrate!" He bellowed, his voice deep and raspy. The voice of a worgen.

The woman jumped back as he changed, pulling her dagger from its' sheath. Just in case. You could never tell with them. "Bring it on, pup," she said and let out a bestial roar as she called upon the spirit of the bear to take over her physical form. In the night elf's place stood a brown bear, who stood up on two legs and towered over the already tall wolf.

They locked eyes over the fire and pounced, hitting each other square in the chest, Worgen landed atop Druid and sent her onto the grass below. Bite after scratch after growl they fought, until their bodies began to slow and Druid changed back from the exhaustion. In a sign of forfeit, Druid raised her hand and lay spent on the cool grass. Worgen did the same, changing back to his human form, but was too weak to climb off her body.

After a few moments of heavy breathing and some quick recuperation, Worgen raised his head to look at the female, finally realizing he was laying atop her still. "Oops," he said and climbed off her quickly, completely missing the small blush that crossed the woman's face. With the anger gone from their systems, all they could feel was the heat.

(Blood Elf mage [Aelyste] x )

"Mirrors can't talk, luckily for you they can't laugh either."

"How can I miss you if you don't go away?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"

"Normally I only ride on epic mounts, but...let's talk."

She poured over her books, looking through every recipe. She didn't have any Soul Dust, she didn't have any Astral Dust, and she certainly didn't have any Essence's. What to do, what to do? The blonde female ran a hand up one pointed ear, a motion she'd done since she was a child. "Well, this certainly won't do," she commented to no one in particular and grabbed her bags; she would have to retrieve said items on her own.

She took a breath and summoned the magical energies to her fingerprints.

(Draenei shaman Niokuna x Worgen Warrior Thydian)

Thydian was missing half of his ear. It was itchy. He scratched and scratched and still the itch would not go away. He goes to alchemy shop searching for a cure, and finds Niokuna there buying a Herb Pouch. She overhears his request and hands him Potion of Curing, saying she got it cheap on the AH. She doesn't seem too well equipped, so how did she managed to pay for a potion on the AH? Turns out she sells herbs and skins for money rather than taking a profession. ((But obviously better quality than that.))

(Another scene) She stepped in his footprints, making sure she didn't fall over. There was fresh snow in Winterspring, which made it incredibly difficult to continue their journey. Niokuna glanced down at the footprints in front of her; clawed animal feet. Thydian, the worgen, was leading the way through the harsh terrain. As she stepped the same way he did, she couldn't help but notice how much bigger they were than her hooves. How could they ever be together? They were so different. And she would only bring shame upon her name; to lay with an outsider was blasphemy! True, she was only able to really sleep with someone once a year to reproduce, but that didn't stop past Draenei from creating romantic relationships.
A harsh wind picked up then and she was brought from her thoughts, looking up just in time to see Thydian stop and turn to face her. "What was that sigh for?" he asked, grabbing the edges of her cloak and wrapping it around her. He didn't want his friend to be cold!
She smiled and shook her head; Niokuna hadn't even realized she'd sighed. Was she really that deep in thought? The brunette looked up from his clawed hands that were still clutching her cloak, to his face. He was staring intently at her. "Is everything all right?" she asked, her eyes widening.
"No, you're turning blue from the cold," he said matter-of-factly, a soft growl escaping his lips. "We have to get you to shelter."
"I'm always blue!" she countered, holding up her tail from under the folds of her cloak. "Did you honestly forget?" She giggled, bringing her hand up in an attempt to stifle it, and failing.
"I honestly just wanted to get closer to you," he said and turned away, continuing the trek. There! That ought to get her attention.
"Wait, Thydian! Get closer to me?" she asked, jumping onto the fresh snow to be in front of him. "Are you cold? Maybe we should get you to shelter." She winked at him and turned her head away for a moment, blinking away tears from the wind. "There! That tree has no snow under it, we can at least be dry."
He nodded and followed her towards the tree. It was the safe haven they were looking for: dry, no wind, and pine needles to act as a bed beneath them. They would have to stay close though, the space wasn't nearly large enough for them to both to stretch out.

(Draenei Paladin x Draenei Priest)

They had been friends for a very long time. When they landed in Azuremyst Isle, they stayed close together and even began to feel things for each other. Now, as they've reached Stormwind, a handsome and alluring Human Rogue has his eyes set on the Priestess. The Paladin sees him for what he is (a cunning conman), and tries to rescue his beloved Priestess, but she pushes him away saying that if he loved her for so long, he should have made a move before. Her heart gets broken by the Rogue when she learns he was only using her for...something...and she is left broken and in shambles (perhaps literally?). The Paladin comes to her to pick up the broken pieces.

(Tauren and Draenei)

The Tauren sat by the fire, whittling away at the small piece of wood between his three-fingered hands. So intent on working at his masterpiece, he didn't look up at the Draenei that sat on the opposite side of the fire.

"I'm bored," she said and let out her bottom lip, resting her head upon her hand.

The Tauren said nothing but continued to whittle away. He stopped to examine his work, glancing up at the blue female across the way from him. Shaking his head, causing the ring in his nose to rattle, he reached into his pack and pulled out a cylindrical piece of wood. "Here," he said simply, tossing the wood to his companion.

She scrambled to grab it before it fell in the fire, giving him an evil glare. "What am I supposed to do with this?"

He didn't answer her, but continued to work, hoping she'd understand his intentions.

She let out a large sigh, pulled a knife from her side, and began to hack away ungraciously at the wooden thing in her hand. A few minutes later, after having made no progress and having made such a huge mess of the piece of wood, she threw it angrily into the fire. "This is boring!"

The Tauren stood up quickly and snatched the wood from the fire, sitting back down and blowing on his hand.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" she said aloud and rushed to his side, looking at his hand.

He pulled away from her roughly and continued to whittle away. It was then she realized he was making a figurine. Of a Draenei female. Wait...that female looked familiar? Long hair draped over the shoulders with long bangs to cover most of the forehead, horns that curved down next to the face, even the tendrils near the face were there. Such intricate detail!

"Why...why are you doing that?" she asked, tears forming in her eyes as she reached for his hand, whispering a quick prayer to heal his burnt hand.

He glanced up then from his handiwork to regard the Draenei. "Why do you think?" he responded and went back to work, carving out the final fold in the robes. When he was done, he held it up in front of his face, and then handed it to her. "For you."

Even though he didn't say much, ever, he was definitely the sweetest Horde she had ever met! The Draenei flung her arms over his broad shoulders, reaching only around one shoulder to touch her fingertips to the other side of his neck, and buried her face in his fur.

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