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The Ramblings of a Lonely Crazy Person
HUZZAH! No JWs this week. That is all I'm going to call them now. I don't have enough respect for them to type out their group's name anymore. "Respect" is probably the wrong word to use, but my view of them is much lower than before. Certain things they've repeated to me multiple times has gotten under my skin to a point where if they mention it again I'm just going to turn into a gigantic a*****e and I'll be proud to do so. Possibly. Not sure how I'll feel unless it actually happens, but I will not feel guilty about it. I made a friend cry once and I didn't feel bad about that (context would be needed for others to understand), so doing the same to strangers that bother me even more than that person did would probably have even less of an effect on me. F*ck! I'm back to giving them time out of my week when they weren't around. Bad Turnilk! Moving on to something else...

Last week I came to the realization that I didn't like Revolution (tv series), but I also noticed my room mate still enjoyed it. This week it is even more pronounced that I don't like it. When we first started watching, it had an interesting premise, electricity everywhere stopped working for some reason one day and no one knew why. Then they revealed why rather quickly and them moved on to something else which I can only describe as a mess. Every freaking episode seems to be the same to me: main character wants something, they screw up somehow, short lived drama between characters (bad drama), and a "dun, dun, dun" at the end. At the very least they stopped the sh*t from the first season with recapping the entire f*cking series up to whatever episode they were on, but that isn't much of an improvement. The characters are annoying and inconsistent and considering they are the ones driving the story, that isn't good in the slightest. Charlie's mom (I don't remember her name) for example will sometimes be cold and logical and other times emotional, sometimes she can suck up her emotions and continue, sometimes she can't. And they do this with more than just her. Charlie's badass uncle (forgot his name too) wanted to kill Monroe, his former best friend in the earlier seasons and when he gets the chance he f*cking wusses out. Now in the current season, he's back to liking Monroe and I don't know why. There is also Nathan and his wife and son, what I refer to as the "bad guy" family. In the earlier seasons we didn't get to see much between Nathan and his wife, but in the current one it appears as though they have no love between them other than the love of power, and sex, and the wife loves having a certain life style so much that she's willing to set aside her husband and son to get it. She says it will help him in the long run and rather than back off and let her do her thing, he pushes and prods. He's supposed to be smart and calculating (or at least he was at earlier points in the series), is the poking and prodding and talking to each other about their plans in public smart? No. The son seems like a decent kid, but he doesn't do much without daddy's approval. He did once, for a girl (Charlie) who he barely knew and after he did that, he went back to following what daddy said. The writers need to make up their minds and stop playing ping pong with the characters. Oh and the f*cking "plot" is that the US government turned off power for the entire f*cking globe so they could take over or something, only they took action YEARS later instead of immediately. That doesn't make sense. It gave time for Charlie to grow up, but as far as strategy goes, it still makes no sense. The super nano machines are also lacking in at least one thing of logic: they stop electricity, but brains use electrical impulses, so why is every living thing not dead? Issue is never addressed. I can guess that it is their programming, but without the show saying so, it is just that, a guess. But lets say it is programming, if that is the case after they gain sentience why do they kill people by lighting them on fire instead of just stopping the electrical impulses in their brain? Wouldn't it be easier and less harmful to themselves to stop brain function? Sadistic little bastards.... Oh and the preview for the next episode made me cry with laughter inside. The US took over a town, bought a bunch of oranges and gave it to the people in the town to help win over the residents, but injected disease into the oranges. If their goal is to take over the country, maybe the world, why are they killing people? I guess I'll find out when it airs, but it sounds so stupid at this point.

This all wouldn't be so bad I think if my room mate would discuss it with me. To him, I pick on things because I watch the Cinema Sins guy on youtube. Although that guy is entertaining to me, I do think examining things and talking about why they are good or bad is a good thing. If I can point out and spot things that aren't good, then perhaps my own works will be better for it. He has asked me "can't you just sit back and enjoy it?" and I don't know how to answer. Sometimes I want to sit back and not think, but other times I want to get more invested into something so I try to learn more about it, and usually when I do that I see things that I wouldn't have seen otherwise and I end up ruining it for myself. I also can't unsee what I've seen and since I've noticed the issues with Revolution, I simply don't care for it anymore. Why is that bad? Or is it bad that I point at the things that break the story to other people? smilies/icon_neutral.gif My room mate does it to me with other shows, why can't I do it with this one?

And lastly, my writing. I'm constructing a rough timeline for each of the stories and hope to get at least one done to the point where I have worked out most of the kinks so I can start writing. The time line for the fantasy I brought up to replace the one without a plot is the most done thus far, but I've hit a problem: in the history for that world, I wanted to make certain events happen far enough in the past so that the current generation either thinks certain things are legends, or they have no knowledge of them. Is ten to twelve generations long enough for that to happen? Is it too long or too short? With about sixty years to live, it would be 600 to 720 years in the past. In comparison to reality, it wouldn't be hard to look up that date and find out what would have happened around that time, but what about a low technology fantasy setting? History would probably be written down as well, but all of the population can't read, so it would also be done via word of mouth, which is like playing a game of telephone with thousands of players. In my particular setting, the populace is semi-controlled by a demi-god like creature, and a vast majority of the populace doesn't need to read and schooling is limited at best. So, would it be a factor? There are some lessons and history passed down through the generations, but why not the hidden pieces? Perhaps that information was not widely known even when it was new, or the demi-god instructed them to never write it down, or maybe the control asserted by said demi-god keeps people in a happy state so they simply don't know or care to look? So many things to consider...

The other fantasy I am working also has an issue: why does the bad guy do what he does? I could go with "its the bad guy, duh" but that would be stupid and lazy. I was thinking the bad guy could just be used to get rid of a few characters when they need to go and then get offed and the story cold continue without them. But then I'm left with what exactly is the plot form that point on? I could go political route, having the different groups have issues with one another, but I still see no ending to it. There has to be an ending at some point. I could have bad guys pop up now and then in the world kind of like every super hero/cop series ever, but I hate that formula. It is too f*cking predictable. I could blow the one bad guy up to be a danger to the entire world and people have to unite to beat him, but that has be done to death and is, again, predictable. I like predictability to a point, but when the story is the same thing with different characters, umm, no. Then again, the characters are what most of the story will be centered on, so they are rather important. smilies/icon_neutral.gif This isn't helping me...

The scifi piece is the most difficult as far as a timeline goes. It is meant to be a large collection of tales from different characters in a warzone and it is over the course of about three or four generations. Mix in the different species with large variation of life spans and cultures, world/universe events, and the need for certain terms in their language. What do you get? A headache of epic proportions. I went a little nuts thinking of people who might become fans of certain characters. I thought "you know what would be neat? seeing a huge world with lots of events and happenings form different characters' perspective", and although I still like the idea, it will be an enormous amount of work and that is if I don't abandon the idea.

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