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Just Me.
What's been going on.
Within this past week. I meet someone amazing and mainly started to hang out with him 'cause my Bday was shitty and he made it better.

But, now my friends are telling me that they think I was just being used & that he's trying to push me away and this is why;
pretty much‏
it was the guy I hung out with on tuesday‏
i stayed the night at his house Friday night‏
& we went to purple haze, which is like a hookah bar/club thing‏
and we hung out there for a bit and smoked‏
and then back to his place & me and one of his friends crashed there‏
uhh, we had sex like 5times...‏
and like‏
he went to make a pizza and i went to be all cute and took a picture of myself on his ipod‏
then realized that he doesn't have his ipod set with a locked code or anything‏
so it went to his pictures‏
nd he had some random chicks butt‏
i didn't say anything about it 'til sat evening when i was with a girlfriend‏
and he said he forgot he had it and deleted it and blah blah‏
And then i was telling him on how ive gotten attached to him‏
'cause like, i really miss being with him..‏
And uh, he was telling me not to get attached 'cause he's not really looking for a relationship & he's indecisive‏
But, he was saying that he'd still be like, open to one‏
But he doesn't want either of us hurt‏
and i almost started crying‏
I was feeling like that at first [being used] but, the other day when I asked him if we could (mainly him) turn down the sexualness. He said it would be a-okay‏
and I said to him that if that's how he feels he could have stopped at least most of the coupley type s**t we did.‏
And now he's saying he ******** up 'cause he didn't stop it.‏
Ughh, it's just pain 'cause he told me that he likes me and he's not/doesn't want to cut anything off. (like us talking or w/e) and yeah..
& last night he had told me that his mother didn't want him seeing me anymore 'cause she believes that I lied to my parents about where I was staying that night.
Andd early this morning he was telling me that he just has a lottt of issues that he needs to sort out and would rather not drag me in father then he already has.

It's just the fact that I've gotten myself super attached and I would honestly do anything / go through anything with him.
I haven't been this happy with someone in the longest ******** time and cared for someone so much.

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