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Shihon's Little World
I'll mainly post things relating to a world I am building. I post the many species, stories, characters, and ideas for it here. Maybe one day I'll turn it into an actual story, but not today.
Druffins: Druffins are basically just giant fluffy insect/dragon experiments created to be the perfect pets. They ended up escaping from the laboratory they were in when one of them managed to overpower the sedatives they are given and bust every single one of them out.

Habitat: No one really knows because Druffins aren't common. That's also because there aren't many and all of the current ones live in pretty much one tiny community together.

Behavior: They are capable of rational thinking and are just as intelligent as the average human. Even so, those that are partially made from any kind of hiveminded insect/dragon tend to be extremely in tune with that species, and may often be seen with a hive/colony/herd of it.
Due to the limited amount of them, they do live in the same general area and have a small town they trade information and whatnot.

Appearance: Shihon's a good example. (Link soon)
All Druffins are incredibly fluffy, even if they probably shouldn't be. They have insect antennae and a fluffy mane. The fur sometimes goes down their back and covers foearms, tail, and feet.
Tails tend to be extremely long and covered in soft fur on the sides.
They lack mammaries (breasts) as they are not mammals. They can have fat on their chest which may give off the appearance of mammaries, but trust me. They lack a mamary gland and thus do not have breasts.
Those are the only parts set in stone. Some have multiple limbs, others have feathered wings, and can be a taur. It just depends on how they have adapted/what bug and dragon species they were based off of.

Mating Habits: No one knows. All well-known Druffins were created through the experiments. Mating has not been observed.
May all be hermaphrodites in a attempt to increase likeliness of species survival.

TL;DR(?): Fluffy bug/dragon hybrids that were created to originally be pets, but are wild. Not much is known.

Shihon Z
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