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A poem.
So, uh.. I wrote this poem based on a relationship I had with a friend, didn't go so well, but it's whatevs.smilies/icon_blaugh.gif

Don't go I had begged.

How can I ever deny, while looking into your eyes.

It's like this and that.

We take a step forward, we take a step back.

I can't mend your wounds,

Or sooth your burning flames.

But I'll try to keep up with your games.

Too much of your high lights blind me.

Like the lights, we'll eventually burn out.

Through all the years of running for our lives,

While the stars and clouds criticize.

Nobody could tame us and

We'd laugh just to see them break.

so I decide.

I am yours and you are mine.

You liiiiike??smilies/icon_4laugh.gifsmilies/icon_4laugh.gif Idk, I just want feedback. Not a person up for hardcore judging though. Still,I'm not the absolute best at poetry but I would very much like feedback.