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OC: Megan Chapman
Name: Megan Chapman
• Nicknames: Meg
• Age: 16 years old
• D.O.B: May 11th
• Place of Birth: Faerie Grove, England
• Zodiac: Taurus
• Ethnicity: British-French-Faerie

Residence: Paris, France

Occupation: Frustrated Would-be Freelance Artist, works as a restaurant waitress in her part time-- for now

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts


Height: 5"4

Weight: .130 lbs.

Hair: Bluish White

Eyes: Sparkling Onyx

Skin: Porcelain with a pink blush

Body type: Busty and curvy

Style: Vintage, Shabby Chic, Quite old-fashioned

Clothing: Megan loves dresses, Vintage clothes, berets, ballet flats, pastels, and the colors white, pink and blue.

Jewelry / Others: She doesn't wear much jewelry, usually just pearl stud earrings and a pendant necklace.


Overall: A fun-loving and curious lady filled with big dreams and love. Meg can be shy at first and would take time to get to talk too, but first impressions may fool you! She can be really funny and an awesome person who would listen.

Likes: Sushi, Dogs, Art, Elvis Presley, Collecting Vintage items, Soul Music, Snow, Flowers, Bargain hunting


Fears: Rejection, the dark

Hobbies: Bargain hunting


Flaws: She is a tad LAZY. If she doesn't feel like it.. SHE WON'T. DON'T make her. She is also a cheap a**-always looking for the best bargains in town.


Fun facts: