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Information and FAQs (Under Construction)
Hopefully you can find all the answers here! If your question isn't answered, comment or send me a PM and I'll get back to you, as well as add it to the journal. Thanks for visiting!

Could I buy a replica of an already sold outit?
Yes! But seeing as though I make outfits based on personal funds, the outfit would have to be pre-paid. The outfit would take a max of three days to create, maybe sooner!

Why do you charge more than the marketplace average?
Profit of course! If I sold it for the marketplace average, I may be losing money or giving it away for free, basically. I also won't charge more than 6,000 G above the average. I try to keep it around 5,000 G.

Do you do outfit commissions?
I do! All you have to do is give me a theme, or maybe something you're looking for. Be sure to give me a cost limit so I can piece something together accordingly. I will put together at least three for you, with their prices.